Orphan Protection Program

420 million children
live in conflict-affected areas
50 million children
are forced to flee brutal civil wars, conflicts, and extreme poverty
A child under 15 dies
every five seconds around the world

In the developing world, everyday people die from malnutrition and other related illnesses and as a result of this, many children become orphaned.


UMR’s Orphan Protection Program 

We are currently offering our Orphan Protection Program in:

  • Jordan
  • Kenya
  • Somalia
  • Ethiopia

Orphans and their needs often overwhelm those who have try to assist them. Most times they are left in the hands of relatives who struggle to keep their own immediate families from starving. Subsequently, when the relative can no longer keep up, the orphans suffer most in terms of education. A lack of education often causes these orphan to fall victim to child labor and extreme poverty.

UMR’s Child Protection Program objectives:

  • Increase enrollment of orphans in school
  • Encourage community advocacy for orphans to have to have access to education
  • Improve quality of life for orphans through education
  • Empower families financially 

UMR’s Complementary Mechanisms:

UMR’s adopts a complementary mechanism for child protection. For example, UMR’s Psycho-Social Support (PSS) and Child-Friendly Space initiatives strengthen refugee women and children coping mechanisms to mitigate trauma while increasing critical thinking skills, among children, especially younger ones, violence reduction among peers, and greater connectivity and comfort with their host community at large. UMR PSS team has adopted a “We Love Reading” program, which is an informal education curriculum designed for children who have experienced education disruption due to conflict.

We also aim to create economic opportunities for the children and their families. For example, in Pakistan, UMR provided monthly based cash assistance to the 100 orphan children and families to be able to access basic needs and obtain an opportunity to gain an education. In Lebanon, Jordan, and Kenya, UMR’s annual Back to School Campaign aims to reduce the chances that children are left out of schools, by providing backpacks, sch

Supporting the Orphan Protection Program:

What you give when you sponsor an orphan for $85/month

  1. Education
  2. Food
  3. Health insurance
  4. Clothing

UMR’s approach to Child Protection is to address the full spectrum of risk factors related to violence, abuse, and neglect in the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Our services target children who have seen adversity and conflict and assist them in overcoming arduous circumstances. We link our child protection services closely to healthcare, education, economic development, justice, and humanitarian response for each child and their family. 

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