Food Security

820 million people
suffer from hunger
45% of deaths
among children under the age of five are caused by poor nutrition
1 in 9 people
experiences chronic food hunger

Experts estimate that a quarter of a billion people are potentially on the brink of starvation.


At least 1 in 3 children under five – or over 200 million – is either undernourished or overweight, and the greatest burden of malnutrition in all its forms is shouldered by children and adolescents from the poorest and most marginalized communities.

At UMR, we use our agile resources and staffing to target our efforts in the regions where there has been least progress to end world hunger. These regions are often remote, rural, and/or chronically vulnerable by effect of conflict or natural disaster. Cultural norms are often strongest in these regions, which makes it difficult to reach hungry households. As such, UMR’s approach to household food security is based on two principles (a) cultural sensitivity, and (b) dignified household nourishment.

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