1,000 children under the age of five
are dying every day from treatable diseases
21,000 children
are dying every day
Less than half the people in the world today
get all of the health services that they need

UMR’s approach in Health is based on three principles: (a) disease prevention, (b) overcoming barriers to access, and (c) rapid but sustainable interventions.

Prevention: Treatment of preventable disease is one of the most effective ways to lift people out of poverty, especially for chronically or temporarily vulnerable communities like disaster survivors or refugees living in makeshift environments. With modest but well-targeted interventions, they regain their independence and confidence to approach economic opportunities and education.

Barriers to Accessibility: Vulnerable communities have more logistical, political, and geographic barriers to access healthcare. UMR efforts overcome such barriers through solid coordination and partnerships in the field.

Rapid but Sustainable Interventions: Global emergencies are becoming the new normal. UMR participates in and conducts rapid needs assessments to avoid surprises and duplication of efforts, and to minimize bottlenecks and time-to-beneficiary.

UMR’s Health Program delivers: emergency medical shipments for vulnerable, displaced, and refugee populations; surgical treatment of preventable disease like cataract and low vision; as well as rapid needs assessment of epidemic outbreaks with effective technical and community coordination in the field to stop the spread of the epidemic.

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