Population: 51.4 Million
Development Context: Major influx of refugees and IDPs. Economic growth hampered by internal and external shocks.
Recurring disasters: Epidemic, floods and droughts.
Solid regional opportunity in the Horn of Africa for achieving self-reliance through entrepreneurship for refugee, IDP and host communities.

Key Issues

  • Key development challenges include poverty, inequality, climate change, and the vulnerability of the economy to internal and external shocks.[1]
  • Field studies from the World Food Programme are showing that refugee camps in Kenya have become popularly associated with entrepreneurship. New refugee settlements are opened with the intention of promoting the self-reliance of refugees and the host population, and delivering integrated services to both.[2]

UMR Engagement

  • UMR Kenya efforts in refugee and IDP communities alleviate poverty for refugees and host communities so that they are able to live with dignity and to be resilient/self-reliant. In addition, our work helps reduce the impact of political and security-related shocks upon the Kenyan economy at large.
  • UMR Kenya Regional Office is the hub to serve Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan and Kenya.



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