Population: 15 Million
Development Context: Priorities: Humanitarian issues, national security, inclusive politics, and economic recovery.
Huge gaps exist in food and nutrition targets in Somalia.
Recurring disasters: Drought, heavy rain.
Solid regional opportunity in the Horn of Africa for achieving self-reliance through entrepreneurship for refugee, IDP and host communities.

Key Issues

  • The New Partnership for Somalia, signed in 2017 following a peaceful transition of power in February 2017, outlines collective priority areas critical for development, including humanitarian issues, national security, inclusive politics, and economic recovery.[1]
  • Only 45% of Somalis having access to sufficient water sources. 75% of the population do not have access to improved sanitation or hygiene practices.
  • Somalia’s real gross domestic product (GDP) growth weakened in 2017 due to the severe drought. [2]

UMR Engagement

  • UMR Somalia engages across all sectors to fill the huge food, nutrition and water sanitation gaps which remain largely among poor agropastoral, marginalized and displaced communities, where many vulnerable people have been pushed into the most severe food and nutrition insecurity phases.



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