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UMR works alongside community partners across several sectors to provide relief, education, training and advocacy to people in the United States.

Most recently, UMR has responded to the COVID-19 emergency, reaching out to families affected financially and providing them with cash assistance to help them during this challenging time. In addition, UMR has been distributing food parcels to underserved families to help ensure that children have enough food to eat while out of school.

UMR provides training for capacity-building of Muslim Non-Profit Organizations at Indiana University in order to multiply the number of well-trained community organizations in service of vulnerable populations toward increasing their resilience.

In 2018, UMR responded to three natural disasters: Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, and the California Wildfires and provided the following services and support: hygiene kits, cash vouchers, bedding sets, and other emergency support. When responding to natural disasters within the U.S., UMR works with respective authorities and community organizations to identify and prioritize needs of each type, mobilize resources, and plan the delivery.

Establishing a Disaster Response Framework

In 2018, UMR created a robust domestic disaster relief and recovery framework. UMR staff deployed on five separate occasions for three natural disasters: Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, and the California Wildfires. During our responses, UMR leveraged 41 volunteers from our University Chapters, government organizations, and faith-based institutions who provided a myriad of services to survivors tailored to meet their needs after each of these unique disasters. Some of these services included individual assistance, such as housing muck outs, debris removal, and mold remediation during Hurricanes Florence and Michael, in addition to community outreach such as financial assistance education, situational awareness and staying safe in areas affected by floods and debris. Furthermore, immediate relief efforts such as cash cards, art therapy for children, and pet care were rendered after the CA Wildfires. As of January 2019, UMR has become a proud member of the National VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster).

UMR University Chapters

With over 19 recognized UMR Chapters across the U.S., young people have answered the call to action by regularly hosting events that cater to the needs of their local communities. UMR Chapters have held hygiene kit drives, project downtowns– in which they make and deliver food to the homeless, held a number of clothing drives that were donated to shelters, supported local organizations that target the disadvantaged, and responded to disasters.


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