Physical health and well-being is a great cause we aim to combat, focusing on SDG goal # 

about HEALTH


According to the WHO, health is the state of being free of disease, and being in overall complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Good health is essential to building and restoring prosperous societies. Most developing countries, as well as developed countries, face major public health crises and poor healthcare systems. Nations face deteriorating health facilities, insufficient funds, medical supplies and shortages of medical health care workers to help improve health conditions. As the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelms healthcare systems around the world, the rate of health improvement is on the decline.

Prior to the pandemic, the world experienced an upscale in the improvement in the health of millions of people, per the UN. “Significant strides were made in increasing life expectancy and reducing some of the common killers associated with child and maternal mortality. But more efforts are needed to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent and emerging health issues. By focusing on providing more efficient funding of health systems, improved sanitation and hygiene, and increased access to physicians, significant progress can be made in helping to save the lives of millions.”

Child Health Statistics 

Maternal Health Statistics

  • UMR’s approach in health is based on three principles:

(a) disease prevention

(b) overcoming barriers to access

 (c) rapid but sustainable interventions

Our ultimate goal by providing these services is to break the barrier between impoverished communities and access to primary healthcare and in turn, allow the people in these communities to work towards becoming more self-sustainable.

UMR’s Health Program delivers: 

– emergency medical shipments for vulnerable, displaced, and refugee populations

– surgical treatment of preventable disease like cataract and low vision

–  rapid needs assessment of epidemic outbreaks with effective technical and community coordination in the field to stop the spread of the epidemic

UMR is dedicated to providing underprivileged hospitals and clinics with the medication and medical supplies needed to maintain the supply and demand of their patients’ day in and day out. Our large medical shipments carry life-saving medical equipment such as syringes, gauze, hospital beds, wheelchairs, as well as many different types of medication. We deliver these shipments directly to hospitals and medical clinics in the most vulnerable, remote areas to ensure that the most at-risk people will have access to proper healthcare.

As part of UMR’s mission to break barriers to healthcare accessibility , we are also dedicated to delivering proper medical, oral and dental hygiene care to communities where a dire need is present. For example, we often embark on medical mission trips to provide beneficiaries with free cataract surgeries. These surgeries restore eyesight, therefore allowing patients to rejoin their community and work towards self-sufficiency.

As UMR works towards achieving the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, we plan to continue empowering our beneficiaries by providing them with the tools they need to better access healthcare and in turn, get closer to becoming more sustainable.

Better together for Health

As we work towards achieving the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, we continue to economically empower our beneficiaries in a dignified way. UMR is committed to tackling poverty, hunger, and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to protect jobs and workers.

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