Reflections of a Humanitarian

UMR provides assistance in numerous countries around the world across a variety of different causes. From our food distributions to our orphan protection programs, or our water well construction to our various seasonal projects,  there are so many great ways we are building communities toward sustainability and resiliency. But so often overlooked are the reasons behind the work we do, aka the “why” factor.

And thus, we have decided to launch our newly constructed blog, “Reflections of a Humanitarian,” to welcome the gifted writers who support our work to highlight the importance of why we provide the aid and assistance that we do. Whether focusing on general topics the importance of education for refugee children to the neglect of elderly refugee populations, or more country-specific issues like Lebanon’s economic crisis, our writers will shed light on the reasons of why we do the perform the work we do.

We hope you’ll read through some of our talented contributors works below, learn a little more about the “Why” behind our work, and get motivation to become a humanitarian yourself!

Meet Our Incredible Contributors!

Elissar Gerges

Elissar Gerges

Elissar holds a Master of Science in Education from Walden University, a Master of Education in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development from the University of Toronto, and a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership from Western University, Canada. Elissar’s research focus is on learning communities, team leadership, instructional leadership, and integrating citizenship in science education. Elissar uses her background in education to highlight the importance of schooling in building self-sustainable and resilient communities.

Reflections of a Humanitarian Blog posts

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Importance of Education for Refugee Children

03 Sep 2021
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