Refugee Resettlement Assistance Interest Form (DMV)

Please submit this brief sign up form for our upcoming refugee resettlement volunteer opportunities! Once submitted, we will reach out to you based on your availability if there is a group volunteer opportunity that fits within your schedule. While we have our regularly scheduled group volunteer days on the weekends, if there are enough volunteers with weekday availability, we can sign up for additional opportunities. However, these opportunities are provided with only 2-3 days notice so please keep that in mind regarding weekday availabilty as we are humanitarians and need to jump into action when requested.
  • Please provide most preferred email address
  • Please provide most preferred phone number
  • Select the days of the week you have general availability to assist with this opportunity (Hours are roughly 9 AM - 3 PM for both weekdays and weekends):
  • Do you own or have access to a vehicle that we could use for furniture moving?
  • Please provide here
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