Working to alleviate poverty, hunger, and improving access to healthcare

Country Overview

Population: 15.4 Million

Development Challenges:

  • Poverty
  • Inequality
  • Climate change
  • Continuing conflict
  • Education access
  • Increasing number of IDPs
UMR's Advancement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Somalia

What is the situation in Somalia?

Somalia is a country that has faced two decades of conflict, state collapse and poor transitional governments[1]. With an estimated 69% of the population living in poverty, Somalia’s has the sixth highest poverty rate in the world [2]. In addition, the country is exceedingly vulnerable to drought, leaving over 20% of the population food insecure.

Poor access to basic healthcare services is an ongoing humanitarian crisis in Somalia. Four in 100 Somali children die during the first month of life, and 1 in 8 die before they turn five[3]. Somalia also has one of the highest maternal mortality rates. Most of these deaths would be preventable with access to simple prenatal and postnatal care. Poor access to improved water sources exacerbates health challenges. It is estimated that only 52% of the population has access to a basic water supply [4].


Poverty, lack of infrastructure and safety concerns have left over three million children out of school[5]. The available education is often subpar, with poor facilities, untrained teachers, and a lack of basic scholastic supplies.

Ongoing civil conflict has aggravated Somalia’s humanitarian crises, leaving an estimated 2.6 million IDPs. These IDPs are vulnerable to abuse, food insecurity, and violence. Much work needs to be done in Somalia to lift people out of poverty and improve the lives of everyday Somalis[6]. 

Food Baskets

10,603 food items shared in 2019

Medical Missions

200 beneficiaries in the month of April 2021 will receive cataract surgeries and hearing aids

Eid Gifts for Children

1,385 families received Eid gifts in 2019

What types of interventions does UMR implement?

UMR’s interventions seek to alleviate the humanitarian crises that Somalis are facing.

  • In 2020, UMR partnered with a local NGO in Somalia, Hickma Charity Foundation, to implement nine shallow wells in the Bay region.
  • Since 2018, UMR has been sending food packages during Ramadan that include oil, teas, fish, rice, lentils and other staples. These items are purchased locally or through trusted suppliers.

Our Recent Projects in Somalia

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