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Adopt a Village Project



The Adopt-a-Village Project (AVP) serves as an overarching initiative, providing a framework for various programs tailored to identified gaps and needs.

These programs include:

  • Healthcare
    • Mobile Clinics and Primary Healthcare: Extending Care to Vulnerable Communities
  • Cataract Operations: Restoring Vision, Transforming Lives
    • Hearing Aids: Facilitating Communication, Fostering Inclusion
  • Addressing Malnutrition
  • Food Distribution: Alleviating Hunger, Nourishing Lives
  • Access to Clean Water
    • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH): Enhancing Health through Clean Water
  • Access to Education
    • Empowering Orphans / Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
  • Empowering Impact:
    • In-Kind, Medical Equipment, and Medicines Delivery

UMR’s Phase 1 of Adopt-a-Village Project in Wajir County aimed to enhance access to essential services like education, health, water, sanitation, and housing. The project followed a 6-step approach:

  • Education: Revamp local schools
  • WASH: Install boreholes for accessible water
  • Housing: Construct mud houses
  • Primary Health Care: Establish medical centers in schools
  • Environment: Implement eco-friendly solutions like solar systems and eco-san toilets
    • Community Committee: Engage the community through committees

To learn more about the completion of phase 1, please click below.

With Phase 1 now complete, UMR is working on implementing Phase 2 of our Adopt a Village Project.

Introducing UMR's Phase 2 of the Adopt a Village Program

Transforming Lives in Wajir County, Kenya

At UMR, we believe that access to clean water and improved hygiene can change lives. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Phase 2 of our Adopt a Village Program in Wajir County, Kenya. Our mission is to enhance health outcomes and living conditions for the resilient communities of this region, and you can be a part of this transformative journey.

Empowering Communities: Knowledge is Key

Infrastructure alone isn’t enough. UMR believes in the power of education and community empowerment. That’s why, after completing the water network, we will provide comprehensive training on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH). We’ll focus on personal and household hygiene, spreading essential knowledge far and wide.

Spreading the Message: From Households to Schools

We’re not stopping at households. Our mission extends to schools as well. UMR is launching school-based WASH programs, targeting children as champions of change. We’ll teach them about latrine cleaning, maintenance, handwashing techniques, and environmental sanitation. Knowledge is the key to a healthier future.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Clean water and sanitation are not just goals; they’re the building blocks of a better tomorrow. UMR’s LifeStream Initiative is aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and Kenya’s Vision 2030. Together, we can transform lives, especially for women and girls who shoulder the burden of water scarcity.

Let’s end the struggle for water, support education, and create a brighter future for Wajir County. Join us in the LifeStream Initiative, and be a part of this life-changing journey.

Together, we can turn the tide for Wajir County, Kenya.

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