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Our Causes

Together we have 7 causes to support

Our Core Causes

As we work towards achieving the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, we continue to economically empower our beneficiaries in a dignified way. UMR is committed to tackling poverty, hunger and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to protect jobs and workers.


Treatment of preventable disease is one of the most effective ways...

Food Security

We use our agile resources and staffing to target our efforts in the regions...

Orphan Protection

In the developing world, everyday people die from malnutrition...


A powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments...


It’s estimated that 3.5 million people die from water-related diseases every single year...

Livelihood & Economic Empowerment

Empower women economically...


A powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments...

What BENEFICIARIES are saying

Change an individuals life forever

Jordan Beneficiary

"The refrigerator I got from UMR will increase the supermarkets income through storming more products such as bread, yogurt, and cheese and therefore income will increase through selling more. I am grateful for UMR, because they really helped me and supported me and my family."

July 2020

Lebanon Beneficiary, Mom of 5 Children

"Only Allah [Lord] knows how I am still alive. Sometimes my kids eat and other times they don't. God bless you."

May 2020

Syrian Refugee in Jordan

"The heater that we received helps us in the winter and i would not have been able to buy it honestly and the same goes for the blankets and jackets we received as well. UMR was able to provide us with all these things and we are extremely happy to have received this support. Thank you to everyone."

December 2019

Gaza Beneficiary

"The stove is broken and so is the TV. My kids wish they could sit and watch tv, but it is broken. It's because of generous people like yourselves [UMR and Donors] that we are able to survive."

December 2019

Our Commitment

We take pride in cultivating a solid network of cross-sectoral partners ranging from multilateral organizations, universities, technical professionals, and grassroot community organization.

100% Transparency

We are committed to maintaining accountability and accessibility with our donors

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with local community-based organizations and the private sector to reach underserved areas

Rapid Response

We are one of the top humanitarian agencies of choice by international governments during emergencies
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