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Working to alleviate poverty, hunger, and improving access to healthcare


Population: 4.75 Million
Development Context: Refugee population, urban, high density
Refugee Population: 2 Million (42.8% of the Palestinian population in Palestine: 27.1% of them in the West Bank and 67.3% in Gaza Strip)


Around 2.90 million reside in the West Bank and 1.85 million in Gaza Strip. Palestinian refugees make up 42.8% of the Palestinian population in Palestine: 27.1% of them in the West Bank and 67.3% in Gaza Strip. Palestine is facing a rapid population growth and large youthful population with 69% below the age of 29.

Key Issues

Political instability has created an unsustainable economic situation in the West Bank and Gaza. Moreover, donor support has significantly declined in recent years (as of October 2019).


Eid al-Adha is officially less than one week away. Have you given your Qurbani yet? People all over the world are in desperate need of food assistance right now, and you have the power to provide it to them.


Today the Palestine team screened 150 children from three separate villages to be treated over the next three treatment days. Photo – Dr. Khuram Shafiq from Scotland with one of the patients from Tul Karem. Please continue to keep the Palestine team in your duas. Dental Students & Dentists


UMR signed an agreement with the Palestinian Organization for Development in Gaza. 💪🏼 This allows us to directly implement orphan sponsorships, education, and livelihood assistance to those who do not otherwise have access.

UMR's Advancement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Palestine

Sustainable Development Goals

Palestine Medical Crisis

As Clashes Erupted in Gaza: UMR Renews the Call for International Collaboration to Help Palestinians

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