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October 12, 2023

Press Release 10/12/23: UMR Gaza Emergency Response

UMR Gaza Emergency Response

October 12, 2023

Press Release 10/12/23: UMR Gaza Emergency Response

UMR Gaza Emergency Response

UMR Mobilizes Humanitarian Relief for Gaza

Collaborates with global agencies and partners to deliver urgent aid

The recent crisis in Gaza is rapidly deteriorating as the concern for access and delivery of emergency humanitarian aid steadily mounts due to restrictions and blockades. Notwithstanding the difficult logistic challenges, United Mission for Relief and Development (UMR) has intensified its commitment to delivering essential life-sustaining aid to the most affected population. UMR is actively providing on the ground life-saving support by leveraging its strategic partnerships and establishing alternative distribution methods. 

UMR acknowledges the complexities imposed by the current restrictions in Gaza and has established a robust strategy utilizing the influence and network of the Hashemite Charity Organization, an array of local community-based organizations (CBOs) as well as the United Nations. This collaborative approach ensures the successful procurement, distribution and delivery of critical supplies, circumventing traditional barriers that have hindered numerous relief efforts. 

“We understand that the challenges in Gaza are multifaceted and require a dynamic, collaborative approach. Our partnerships are invaluable in navigating these complexities on the ground. Together, we’re not just delivering aid but saving lives and providing hope,” commented Dr. Abed Ayoub, CEO and President, UMR. 

Partnering with the Hashemite Charity Organization, UMR will hand over pharmaceutical supplies and equipment capable of serving over 100,000 medical cases in Gaza. This is valued at over $1,000000. 

Additionally, UMR is procuring tents, clothing and other essential items which will be delivered to Gaza through UMR’s association with the Hashemite Charity Organization. These items are crucial in providing immediate shelter and comfort to the millions who would be displaced by the conflict or facing severe economic hardship. 

UMR is also engaging and negotiating with UNRWA on ways it can support and expand UNRWA’s operations and programs for those severely affected by the crisis. 

UMR is part of a coalition of Aid NGOs that includes Rahmah Worldwide, International Humanitarian Relief, Pious Project, Medglobal, and the Palestine Tomorrow Association. This coalition is focused on fortifying ER clinics in Gaza, an urgent need given the enormity of deaths and injuries. This coalition is also mandated to procure medicines, support operational capacities, and distribute food to injured individuals and their families amidst the crisis. 

While UMR will do all that it can to alleviate the suffering and reduce the pain, the need is enormous. UMR calls on the international community to recognize the gravity of the situation in Gaza and encourage other humanitarian organizations to contribute to the relief efforts through direct participation or support the initiatives currently being undertaken.

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