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April 15, 2022

Press Release 5/4/22: Palestine Relief Partnership

Palestine Relief Partnership

April 15, 2022

Press Release 5/4/22: Palestine Relief Partnership

Palestine Relief Partnership

United Mission for Relief and Development (UMR) partners with MedGlobal for Palestine relief. It is a humanitarian organization that serves vulnerable people worldwide. MedGlobal provides free healthcare to refugees, displaced persons, and marginalized communities.

The Turmoil in Palestine:

(According to WFP) 32.7 percent of the population lacked access to a healthy diet. Women are more likely than males to experience food insecurity. 33.7 percent of women heading families reported food scarcity. The situation is more accurate in the Gaza strip, with 64 percent food insecurity.  

Palestinians are extremely food insecure. They experience a large consumption gap and lack the resources. These gaps come from the lack of their fundamental requirements. such as food, housing, and clothes. Due to the continuous and protracted crisis, they have already used up most of their coping methods. Which leaves them unable to close the enormous consumption gap.

Years and years of  violence have left people of Palestine in a devastating situation. Palestine continues to face significant obstacles –

  • A protracted conflict
  • Economic stagnation
  • Trade restrictions, and
  • Limited access to resources.

These obstacles bar them from achieving sustainable developments. Among these developments are ending hunger, ensuring food security, and improving nutrition.

Focus of Partnership:

The partnership focuses on facility-based healthcare services in Gaza. UMR and MedGlobal coordinate with the Ministry of Health to deploy healthcare professionals. This partnership aligns with UMR’s mission to address the dire healthcare needs in Gaza.

Approximately 1.5 million people in Gaza lack consistent access to healthcare. As a result, health benchmarks are deteriorating. 80% of Gazans are below the poverty line. Our objectives are to improve the health of the Palestinian people in Gaza and their quality of life. The nature of Palestine relief in Gaza comes in three categories:

1) Lack of protection and displacement;

2) Limited access to essential services; and

3) Erosion of resilience and preparedness.

Sufferings of people in Palestine:

As it stands, 55.7% of elderly patients in Gaza suffer from three or more diseases. Additionally, one-third of older individuals need access to healthcare services. The UMR and MedGlobal partnership expands healthcare and medical service outreach.

About UMR and MedGlobal:

UMR is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Its headquarter is in Washington, DC. The organization provides disaster relief and recovery services worldwide.

MedGlobal is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It focuses on providing life-saving care. The organization deploys local partners and medical providers with training and supplying hospitals.

UMR and MedGlobal aim to provide sustainable development as a Palestine relief program. Our prerogative is to make sure the civilians get proper access to healthcare and medical services.

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