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What is the situation in


It’s been exactly one year since the explosion in Beirut. One year since hundreds of people lost their loved ones, homes, and jobs. One year since countless hospitals in the city were destroyed, leaving millions of people with limited medical care in the middle of a global pandemic.
The tragedy only exacerbated the previously disastrous situation in Lebanon, taking the already-fragile country to a palace of no return.

Since the explosion

Since the explosion, the economic and humanitarian situation in Lebanon has rapidly declined. The economy and infrastructure have almost completely collapsed: the currency has lost more than 90% of its value, unemployment has skyrocketed, medicine and gas are extremely limited, and more than half of the 6.8 million people in Lebanon are living below the poverty line.
According to the United Nations, more than three-quarters of all households in Lebanon do not have money to buy food. “As the crisis has accelerated, Lebanese have been forced to adapt in painful ways [such as] cutting out meat or skipping meals because food prices jumped.”

Key Issues

Through our infrastructure programs, relief work and community building efforts, we hope to create long lasting, sustainable change.


UMR has provided medical kits and beds for intensive care units supported by the Lebanese health system. Learn more about our medical shipments here.


UMR also distributes food parcels to the Lebanese people and to refugees during Ramadan. Learn more about our food security projects here.


After the catastrophic explosions in Beirut in August 2020, UMR ran an emergency fundraising campaign to provide medical kits to local hospitals that had quickly become overwhelmed with patients. Working alongside local NGOs, UMR worked to repair over 100 homes that had suffered damage by the blasts, installing panes of window glass and doors to help families regain some sense of security.

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Lebanon Crisis

over 4,000 were injured in the Beirut warehouse explosion. A state of emergency has been declared in Lebanon.

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