February 8, 2023

Türkiye, Syria earthquake; death toll expected to rise

Diea Ahmed

Omar Haj Kadour/AFP via Getty Images
Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Rateb al-Nabulsi speaks on the devastating aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude that slammed Türkiye and Syria and just how crucial humanitarian aid is at this time, especially for the often-forgotten Syrian refugees in Ghaziantep

Both Syria and Türkiye have declared a state of emergency after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the two countries early Monday morning.

At least 11,500 people are dead, more than 50,000 people are injured, and at least 11,000 buildings were destroyed. The death toll is expected to rise sharply as rescue workers continue to search for survivors in the rubble.


This comes at the worst possible time as it is the middle of winter in Syria and Türkiye. Hundreds of thousands of people will now be struggling to survive without access to food, medical care, or protection from freezing temperatures.

UMR is responding in the form of food baskets, winter care kits, emergency health kits for households, and Interagency Emergency Health Kits for hospitals and medical clinics.

To reiterate, in a disaster of this proportion, any donation will make a difference in the lives of individuals who lost everything.

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