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Seasonal Programs

UMR is in the process of preparing to launch our winter campaign

Through this initiative, we give families support by providing them with winter essentials such as clothing, food, and fuel

Preparation for

back to school

During the winter, UMR’s Winterization Campaign brings warm items to help vulnerable families survive the change in weather.
In preparation for back to school, UMR distributes backpacks filled with school supplies to help children gear up for their new school year.
And for many families celebrating the Islamic holidays of Ramadan and Qurbani, the lack of access to food can be extremely difficult.families in need.
This is why each year UMR not only delivers food packs to families, but hosts warm Iftar dinners and distributes fresh meat to

A Winter Like Never Before

Subzero temperatures, freezing rain, snow, hail, and sleet all pose serious threats for individuals who do not have proper protection.

Our mission

is to provide vulnerable communities with heaters, blankets, jackets, food parcels, fuel vouchers, and more to help them survive these winter month

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