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Emergency Response Volunteer

Working as a Team!

At UMR, we believe in providing individuals with the opportunity to give back to their communities and communities around the world. We believe in the power of one person, and the change that they can bring.When we work as a team, we can achieve our goal of making the world a safer place for everybody.

Natural Disaster

UMR has responded to natural disasters and emergencies all across the US. In 2018 alone, we provided relief to North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and California with UMR’S Emergency Response domestic program. Without the help from our volunteers and donors, this would not have been possible.
To volunteer as an emergency responder, you must be 18 years of age or have consent from a guardian. After signing up, we will reach out to you for more information.

Be part of the

of the Team!

Unfortunately, we are not accepting volunteer submissions for emergency response opportunities at this time due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this pause is only temporary in light of the global public health emergency. We expect to re-open submissions come the Spring of 2021!
In the meantime, stay informed by following our new Instagram account: @umrvolunteers

Check Out Our Emergency Responders in Action!​

And check out some inspiring pictures below of our previous responses to natural disasters. We hope we will be featuring you here sooner rather than later!

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