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Donation For Water Wells

Having access to clean water is a basic human right. Still, it is denied to millions of people worldwide. 

Building water wells is one of the most efficient ways to supply populations with clean water. A water well can supply a whole neighborhood with a dependable source of safe drinking water for many years. 

We can genuinely improve the lives of individuals who lack access to clean water by making a donation for water wells. So let’s work together to support this cause. Together, we can make it easier for those who most need it to have access to safe water.

Sufferings for Lack of Clean Water

The Pain of Thirst

Halia Village in bangladesh water well project of umrelief

A major issue around the world is the lack of access to clean water, especially in underdeveloped countries. According to WHO and UNICEF (2021), an estimated 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water.  In Chad and South Sudan, less than 1% of the population has access to safely managed drinking water. 

It leads to many sufferings for people. Such as –

Waterborne Diseases

One of the most significant consequences of this problem is the prevalence of waterborne diseases. Many diseases can result from consuming polluted water. It includes dysentery, typhoid, and cholera. Young children and elderly people are particularly vulnerable to these diseases. WHO estimates that each year 485,000 people die from diarrhea because of poor hygiene, sanitation, and access to clean water.


People struggle to get safe and nourishing meals if they don’t have access to clean water. They use contaminated water to irrigate crops or care for livestock. It increases the risk of disease and lowers the quality and availability of food. People experience malnutrition as a result. It can cause stunted growth, reduced immune systems, and other medical issues.

Economic Hardship

People need to travel great distances or spend a lot of money on bottled water for the shortage of clean water. This can be a considerable financial burden, especially for families that are already having a hard time getting by.

Social and Educational Barriers

Women and children often bear an unfair share of the responsibility of gathering water. They have to walk for hours each day to reach water sources. Their capacity to attend school or do a job gets hampered as a result. In Africa and Asia, women and girls travel 3.7 miles on average carrying about 20 liters of water.

People, their families, and entire communities can suffer devastating effects from a lack of access to clean water. A multifaceted strategy is needed to address this issue. One that includes enhancing water infrastructure, and promoting good hygiene and sanitation practices.

Importance of Building Wells

A Basic Right, Not a Source of Suffering

There are many reasons why digging wells is crucial. Especially in places where access to clean water is restricted. The following are some of the primary reasons:

Access To Clean Water

Wells offers a dependable source of pure water. It is necessary for drinking, cooking, and sanitation. People frequently have to travel great distances to obtain water from non-hygienic sources. By constructing wells, communities can provide nearby residents with access to clean water. It will lower the risk of water-borne diseases and enhance general health.

Increased Agricultural Productivity

Farmers can utilize wells for irrigation to get a steady supply of water for growing crops. In areas with little rainfall, this can help to boost agricultural output and improve food security.

Economic Growth

Having access to clean water can promote economic growth. Businesses can run more smoothly and water-dependent sectors can prosper. This may aid in boosting local economies and job growth.

Environmental Sustainability

Digging wells can ease the burden on rivers and lakes. They are frequently overfished and contaminate surface water supplies. Communities can lessen their influence on surface water sources. This will contribute to environmental protection. 

These advantages might significantly change communities and raise everyone’s standard of living.

Impact of Your Donations

Building Wells, Transforming Lives

Building water wells is a necessity in many countries. It will make sure people will have access to clean water. But digging a well is a costly project. The communities that need them the most frequently cannot afford it. 

By contributing to the construction of water wells, we can significantly enhance the quality of life for those who lack such access. Your donation, no matter how small, will go a long way toward building these wells. It will improve the health and well-being of underprivileged people. Donate to build water wells around the world.

Ways to Donate

Give the Gift of Clean Water

There are many ways you can donate to build water wells around the world. Such as-

  1. Many non-profit organizations work on making wells and giving people access to clean water. You can give money straight to these non-profit organizations to help them do their work. United Mission for Relief & Development is one of these trustable organizations.
  2. You can also help build wells by using donation sites like GoFundMe or Kickstarter.
  3. There are a lot of volunteer chances for people or groups to go to places that need help and help build wells. You can join them.
  4. You can set up a fundraiser to help pay for a project to build a well. This could be done through a charity auction.

Whatever method you use, contributing to the construction of a water well can have a big impact on the lives of those in need.

How UMR Providing Clean Water Around the World

UMR is building water wells for underprivileged people for more than a decade. We are one of the best water well charities. Donate water well for the poor people. Here are some of our recent projects around the world –

Water Wells Project in Bangladesh

Water Wells Project in Pakistan

Why UMR the Best Option

UMR is a reputable non-profit organization that focuses on helping those in need and helping their communities flourish. If you are looking for making a donation for building water wells and water well pump donation UMR is a wise choice. Some of their qualities are –


For more than ten years, UMR has offered development and humanitarian aid. With experience in numerous nations, we have the knowledge to recognize and cater to the particular requirements of communities in need of clean water.

Local partnerships

UMR closely collaborates with local partners to make sure that its projects are successful, long-lasting, and sensitive to community needs. We can guarantee that initiatives are culturally suitable and that resources are used effectively.


We are dedicated to openness, honesty, and accountability in all aspects of our work by following a strong code of ethics and values. Our team submits monthly updates on its operations and financial health.


The lives of communities in need have been significantly improved by UMR’s water initiatives. By ensuring that everyone has access to clean water, we are promoting economic growth. We are enhancing health outcomes and easing the burden of water collection on women and children.


Water well donation islam is a great way to donate. Also, it is possible to use your donation to satisfy your Zakat duty. Because UMR is a Zakat-eligible organization. Also, it is also counted as sadaqah jariyah. Sadaqah jariyah water well is one of the finest ways of ongoing donations to please Allah (SWT).

In Focus: Woman and the Lack of Sanitary Water

In most vulnerable communities, women and girls have the primary responsibility for management of household water supply, sanitation and health.

Making a Difference with UMR: Donation For Water Wells

We at UMR are working around the world to guarantee that people will always have access to clean water. The construction of water structures ensures continued access to clean water for years to come. Make a sincere donation for water wells to UMR. You can help us build a water well sadaqah jariyah as a way of earning some good deeds from Allah (SWT).

Digging wells, Installing irrigation systems and repairing functional water systems are all examples of the long-term, sustainable solutions we provide. We ask for your assistance in bringing this basic necessity, water, to the world’s impoverished people.

Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (UNICEF/WHO JMP) to eliminate inequalities in WASH coverage and “leave no one behind”.

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