November 19, 2022

UMR Partners with UNICEF USA for Winter Relief Distribution in Pakistan

Akib Shuvo

UMR Partners with UNICEF on Pakistan Winter Relief

The current climate crisis has been wreaking havoc on Pakistan, putting the entire country at risk of widespread poverty and suffering. The monsoon that swept the country earlier this summer broke a century-long record, ebbing tides of hardship for millions of people. Starting in June 2022 and continuing through August 2022, the monsoon rains were more than five times the 30-year average rainfall in southern Pakistan provinces.

The impact of this disaster is only expected to worsen as winter looms. To address this catastrophe, UMR has partnered with UNICEF USA to provide families with winter clothes, hats, hygiene kits, shelter, and more.  Any donation makes a difference to a family who lost everything.

As it stands, 33 million people – including 16 million children – have been directly affected by the floods. More than 1 million houses have been fully or partially destroyed, and at least 1,500 people have died. With the onset of freezing temperatures, strong winds, and long winter nights, we are extremely concerned for the millions of families who lack access to even the most basic of necessities.

This winter, share warmth with a family in need. When you donate through UMR, you are helping UNICEF provide families in Pakistan with lifesaving aid.

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