February 6, 2023

7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Slams Turkey and Syria (UMR’s Emergency Response)

Diea Ahmed

UMR CEO and President Dr. Abed Ayoub spoke about the devastating earthquake, “UMR currently is working with international communities teams on the ground, which are also providing emergency aid, as we look to see what the other major needs are. Our resources are heading to the areas most heavily affected by the earthquake yesterday, where huge numbers of houses, markets, and hospitals have been destroyed and the food supply is dwindling. This means international aid is more important now than ever.”

The main needs include access to clean water, food, and shelter, particularly for women, children, and other vulnerable communities. UMR is responding in the form of emergency aid including food baskets, essential winter items, shelter, water and sanitation, and other core relief items.

Dr.Ayoub adds, “At the moment, aid agencies are obviously operating in an even more challenging environment.” UMR has been working in responding to emergencies around the globe for many years, helping communities prepare for disasters, and providing emergency relief and recovery when disaster strikes. UMR has ongoing programs across the region and has access to areas including the areas affected by the earthquake. UMR has activated its emergency response protocol and has assessment and response teams on the ground assisting in coordination with partner organizations and local government units.

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