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December 14, 2022

Syrian Refugees in Winter: A Struggle for Survival

Syrian Refugees in Winter

December 14, 2022

Syrian Refugees in Winter: A Struggle for Survival

Syrian Refugees in Winter

Suffering from winter extremity is unfortunately not something new for the Syrian refugees. Over the course of 11 years, people in Syria have been going through unimaginable sufferings. Put yourself in the shoes of the Syrian refugees in winter. Living in freezing temperatures with no shelter, warm clothes, and blankets is not only harsh but also a struggle for survival.

Millions around the world are enduring freezing temperatures. So many people are living in uncertainty. Many are taking refuge in different parts of the world in countries like- Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt.

The Syrian refugee winter crisis has brought down extreme poverty to millions of displaced people. Life has become uncertain for them. The Syrian refugees have been passing winter by living in makeshift tents. 

Jordan now hosts approximately 675,000 registered refugees from Syria, who began fleeing in 2011 for safety. Concerned at this dire situation, UMR has given the hope of survival to the Syrian refugees by distributing winter-care kits.

What’s Happening in Syria?

Syria has been undergoing 11 years of conflict, which has extended suffering in millions of people. 22 million people fled their homes before the war, and 6.9 million were internally displaced. This ongoing hostility has created complex emergencies in the world. As a result, people have been suffering from a lack of proper food, clothes, shelter, and healthcare.

How the winter is affecting Syrian Refugees

Extreme freezing temperatures exacerbated by heavy rain have increased people’s suffering. Families living in urban slums are living in fragile home conditions amidst the severe winter.

About 1.7 million people live in uncertainty in the war zone in tented settlements. Their tents have collapsed or are badly damaged, causing the death of at least three children from the snowstorm. The Syrian refugee camp in neighboring countries – Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, as well as those living in the rest of the war-torn nation, are all being affected by the bitterness of winter.

Moreover, the lack of fuel has made it challenging for people to meet their basic necessities. 97% of people in Northwest Syria live in extreme poverty, earning below $2 per day. Besides, 80 percent of Syrians living in the northwest need food assistance. So even after the winter storm subsides, the effort to support millions of Syrian refugees will remain urgent.

How the UMR is contributing to Syria Crisis

UMR is concerned about the growing statistics of the Syrian refugees suffering in winter. According to Save the Children, the rate of malnourished children has surged by over 150% in the past six months. About 13 Million Syrian people are forcibly displaced. Among them, 6.8 million refugees and asylum-seekers have fled the country.

UMR is giving hope to the Syrian people with the “Share Warmth” campaign. We aim to protect and empower vulnerable individuals by distributing winter-care kits. When you donate to UMR, you will provide a struggling family with winter jackets, hats, gloves, children’s pajamas, hygiene baskets (soaps, lotions, sanitizers), cash vouchers, food parcels, and more. Your compassion and warmth will spark an array of positivity among the families struggling for survival. 

Donate to UMR; save people in Syria this winter and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

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