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November 15, 2019

Palestine Medical Crisis

November 15, 2019

Palestine Medical Crisis

Palestine Medical CrisisAs Clashes Erupted in Gaza: UMR Renews the Call for International Collaboration to Help Palestinians By Nagwa Abdallah

As fighting broke out in Gaza, UMR renewed its call for international help for Palestinians. Artillery attacks and airstrikes have been launched on Gaza over the last few days. Close your eyes and try to picture  The United Mission for Relief and Development (UMR) stands as a beacon of hope for the Palestinian population. The recent outbreak of fighting in the region has once again pressed the urgent need for international assistance to ease the dire medical crisis that has gripped the area. As artillery attacks and airstrikes continue to devastate Gaza, one can only imagine the fear and suffering experienced by children and women in this war-torn region. According to the BBC, the toll from the recent violence includes at least 34 lives lost and 111 individuals injured, painting a grim picture of the ongoing humanitarian what it’s like for a child or a woman in Gaza. According to the BBC, at least 34 people have died and 111 have been hurt. This highlights the challenging nature of the situation.

International humanitarian organizations and media outlets regularly provide updates on the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza. However, the reality is far more alarming and shocking than anyone can imagine.

Hospitals are experiencing chaos due to a scarcity of medical emergency kits, trauma supplies, and surgical necessities. Furthermore, farms, houses, and lands have been devastated.

While international humanitarian organizations and media outlets do their best to shed light on the deteriorating situation in Gaza, the grim reality on the ground surpasses what words can convey. Hospitals in the region are in a state of chaos due to severe shortages of essential medical emergency kits, trauma supplies, and surgical necessities. Additionally, homes, farms, and lands have been reduced to rubble, exacerbating the already dire circumstances faced by Palestinians in their daily lives.

The Healthcare Struggles in Palestine

Palestine’s healthcare system has long struggled with numerous challenges. Shortages of medical equipment and supplies have made it increasingly difficult to provide high-quality healthcare to the population. Movement restrictions, a consequence of the ongoing conflict, further hinder healthcare access. These limitations have resulted in overcrowding and extended wait times at healthcare facilities, making it a monumental task to meet the healthcare demands of Palestinians.   

UMR possesses a deep understanding of the profound impact that clashes like these have on an already fragile humanitarian situation. This suffering is further exacerbated by the recent decision by the United States to halt its annual aid of $360 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). According to UNRWA, approximately 620,000 Gazans struggle to survive on a mere $1.6 per day, leaving them unable to meet even their most basic food needs. An additional 390,000 Palestinians find themselves trapped in absolute poverty, unable to escape the cycle of destitution.

Palestine Medical Crisis Palestine Medical Crisis

UMR’s Ongoing Contribution

UMR consistently calls for robust collaboration with international organizations and donors to alleviate the suffering endured by Palestinians in Gaza. Shockingly, UNRWA reports that a staggering 80% of the population in Gaza is in dire need of external assistance. UMR appeals to the global community for generous donations to support Palestinians and rekindle the flame of hope for a better life. Non-governmental organizations and donors alike bear a growing responsibility to end the suffering of these vulnerable communities. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, UMR continues its annual Winterization campaign, aptly named “Share the Warm,” to provide critical aid to those living below the poverty line. UMR will offer families a range of supplies, from a $150 food package to a comprehensive $550 winter package designed to meet their urgent needs during the harsh winter months.

Share The Warmth

UMR’s “Share the Warmth” campaign represents a lifeline for those living on the brink of poverty in Gaza. The campaign encompasses various aid packages, from essential $150 food packages to comprehensive $550 winter kits. 

UMR addresses critical aspects of the unfolding humanitarian crisis. The organization ensures that vital in-kind medical donations are dispatched to combat the chronic shortages of essential medicines, providing unwavering support to hospitals and medical centers. Notably, the value of these shipments has grown exponentially, from $7,346,899 in 2015 to a staggering $43,415,305 in 2018. UMR collaborates closely with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, delivering crucial supplies promptly upon request to bolster the struggling healthcare infrastructure.

UMR’s commitment to Palestinian communities goes beyond medical aid. The organization also implements psychosocial support initiatives, exemplified by the Wehdat Disability Center in the Wihdat refugee camp, which caters to individuals with minor to moderate disabilities. Additionally, UMR extends educational opportunities by granting 500 scholarships to Palestinian students in both Palestine and Jordan, recognizing the importance of education as a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

Palestine Medical Crisis Palestine Medical Crisis

UMR implements psychosocial support initiatives, including a Wehdat Disability Center in the Wihdat refugee camp for people with minor to moderate disabilities. Additionally, UMR grants 500 scholarships to Palestinian students in Palestine and Jordan.

Please join UMR efforts to help Palestinians in every way possible.

Nagwa Abdallah
Communications Officer, UMR
(202) 370-6963 x112

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