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November 16, 2023

UMR Expands Emergency Response for Gaza

UMR Expands Emergency Response for Gaza

November 16, 2023

UMR Expands Emergency Response for Gaza

UMR Expands Emergency Response for Gaza

United Mission for Relief and Development (UMR) Expands Emergency Response for Gaza 

Washington, DC — November 16, 2023

In response to the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, United Mission for Relief and Development (UMR) has rapidly deployed its emergency response plan, working in close coordination with a network of steadfast partners including NGO alliances for Gaza, UNRWA, and the Hashemite Charity Association. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in delivering essential services to the affected populations. UMR, alongside its active partners, is prioritizing urgent relief operations by providing a lifeline of critical resources. The joint endeavors have facilitated the delivery of vital emergency medical supplies, the distribution of over 63,000 liters of fuel to sustain operations in 11 hospitals, medical clinics, and support for ambulance services. Additionally, UMR efforts through its diverse partners  has been at the forefront of distributing necessary food supplies to nourish both the injured in medical facilities and families who have been displaced by the ongoing conflict. This concerted effort underscores UMR’s commitment to alleviate suffering and provide immediate support to those in dire need during this challenging time.

Thousands of affected civilians have already benefited from UMR’s proactive and impactful initiatives. In collaboration with Hashemite, the largest non-governmental organization in Jordan, UMR is sparing no effort to expand its support and deploy crucial aid to Gaza. The planned assistance includes:

  • Three containers of medical supplies and surgical disposables, currently located in Jordan, awaiting final approval for transit to Gaza via UMR / Hashemite charity association joint efforts. The estimated value is $1,000,000.
  • Two containers of blankets, procured and awaiting green light and shipment from Jordan, aiming serving at least 600 households
  • 200 infant incubators generously donated by our partner Quest Scope from India, and will be handover to partners can deliver them to Gaza via Egyption/ Gaza borders especially the Hashemite charity or UN agencies

Dr. Abed Ayoub, CEO and President of United Mission for Relief and Development (UMR), expresses his commitment to supporting the people of Gaza who are enduring unimaginable suffering:

“In this critical moment, our hearts are with the people of Gaza who are facing unprecedented challenges. UMR stands resolute in our dedication to providing immediate relief and support to those in need. Together with our partners and the unwavering support of our donors, we are determined to bring normalcy to the lives of those affected by this crisis.”

This comprehensive humanitarian effort demonstrates UMR’s commitment to providing immediate relief and long term support to those affected by the crisis in Gaza. The organization remains dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals, families and communities in need.


United Mission for Relief & Development (UMR) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on providing disaster relief and recovery services to the underserved both domestically in the U.S. and internationally across the globe.
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