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Can Zakat Be Given To Non Muslims?

Zakat is an Islamic concept of charity that involves giving a fixed portion of one’s wealth to those in need. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The purpose of zakat is to promote social justice and reduce inequality by redistributing wealth and supporting those who are less fortunate. As the Prophet (peace be upon him) says,

‘It is taken from the rich among them and paid to their poor’

But can Zakat be given to non Muslims? The short answer is NO, according to the majority. However, it needs to be discussed in detail as there are some exceptions and debate regarding this matter. In this blog, we will analyze this matter.

Zakat and Eligibility

Most experts agree that Muslims should give as well as receive Zakat. Sadaqah, like other forms of charity, can be donated to both Muslims and non-Muslims. There are some certain Zakat rules regarding the eligibility of the recipients of Zakat.  Here are the list of people who are not eligible to receive Zakat:

  • The wealthy person who is obligated to pay Zakat
  • Non-Muslims
  • One’s parents, grandparents, spouse and children
  • The Prophet’s (peace be upon him) Descendants 
  • Slaves and servants, unless they meet the conditions for being considered poor
  • Wealthy businessmen who have debts
  • Those who are fighting in the cause of Allah (Jihad)
people who are not eligible to receive Zakat

It is important to note that Zakat is a form of mandatory charitable giving in Islam and its eligibility criteria are based on interpretations of the Islamic scriptures.

Zakat to Non-Muslims

Giving Zakat to non muslim is not permissible. One of the reasons for giving Zakat is to form a strong bond between Muslim Ummah and increase the harmony of Islamic Brotherhood. So, it is believed by many that Zakat is only allowed for one muslim to others. But there are some exceptions like-

  • When a non-Muslim requires quick assistance in a situation that could mean the difference between life and death. 
  • Another one is Non-Muslims whose minds are drawn to Islam (who are on the verge of converting to Islam) can still receive Zakat. 
  • The People of the Book to whom this excess Zakat is paid do no harm to Muslims or to the religion of Islam (Even though most scholars don’t agree with this).

Aside from these there are other forms of charity available for non-muslims in Islam. We will discuss them in the next part.

Islam Advocates Universal Generosity

It is important to note that Zakat is only taken from Muslim, and that it is paid to the Muslim poor and other people Allah names in the Quran as deserving of it. Nonetheless, Sadaqah is strongly encouraged by Allah, the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), and all Muslim scholars to everyone, irrespective of belief.

Both Muslims and non-Muslims can receive charity. Islam also advises Muslims that they should feed the poor in general, whether they are Muslims or not. Also, Islam emphasizes the significance of being a good neighbor, whether your neighbors are Muslims or not. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, 

“Jibreel continued to advise me on being good to my neighbors so that I feared that he would (one day) make him my legal heir!).”

So, even though zakah is only for Muslims, Islam never stops non-Muslims from giving to charity.

Islam Advocates Universal Generosity

Donating Zakat can be challenging due to restrictions on who can receive it, as well as other regulations determining how it can be distributed. Moreover, it is hard to find trusted organizations.The Zakat options from UMR Relief can certainly help you with this.

United Mission for Relief & Development (UMR) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps people in the U.S. and around the world who are in need of aid. We have a dedicated sector for Zakat donations by which we are helping poor muslim around the world. Your Zakat is being distributed securely and accurately. Besides you can also give us charity which will be used for those who are in need of disaster relief and recovery services.

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We live in a world where Muslims are very poor and in desperate need. In fact, even if all of our Zakat is given to help Muslims who are starving, it won’t be enough to help them, while most non-Muslims have many other ways to get help. Despite that Allah has encouraged us to help those in need regardless of their belief. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, 

Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

So to answer the question, “Can Zakat be given to non Muslims?” No, it is not permissible but you will also be rewarded for giving charity to non muslims. In other words, you are being encouraged to help the needy in spite of his religion in Islam.  

May Allah give us the will to be kind to all of His creatures – Ameen.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to Shari'ah (Islamic Law), it is forbidden to give zakat to anyone who is not Muslims.

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