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Wajir County, Kenya

Kenya Medical Mission 2023

Join us again as we travel to Wajir County, Kenya to provide cataract surgeries to individuals in need!

UMR Kenya Medical Mission

UMR is devoted to improving primary and secondary healthcare across the world.

We are currently working in Wajir County, Kenya due to the number of people there suffering from lack of access to healthcare, proper sanitation, food, and more.

Our ultimate goal is to rebuild Wajir County until it becomes an efficient, self-sustainable community. And like we said, we believe that this begins with healthcare.

UMR consistently works in Wajir with the mission to provide as many people as possible with cataract surgeries and hearing aids.

UMR Interventions

Mission for vision

Those suffering from cataracts don’t just lose the ability to see the world and their loved ones – they also become incapable of performing daily tasks without assistance.

This is not only difficult on family and friends, but it can also lead to isolation and a steady decline in one’s mental health.

On these medical trips, we are able to see our mission come to life in Wajir County.

Every second is crucial. Every amount counts.

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