Palestine Emergency Response

As the crisis in Gaza intensifies, millions face imminent danger

“The images and stories are clear: children with horrendous burns, mortar wounds, and lost limbs. And hospitals are utterly overwhelmed to treat them. Yet the numbers keep rising.” (UNICEF)
At least 42% of all housing units in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed (Ministry of Housing) and more than 9,000 people have died, with 62% being women and children. (Ministry of Health)


Additionally, tens of thousands of people have been injured- and we fear this is just the beginning. The situation is desperate… your donation is urgently needed to save lives.

Gaza is also facing a ban on food, water, electricity, and gas for the foreseeable future.

With an emergency plan already in place, UMR is responding to the situation in Gaza immediately. We are currently providing emergency medical supplies, fuel for hospitals medical clinics, & ambulances as well as emergency food supplies.

UMR’s impactful initiatives have already made a significant difference, benefiting thousands of individuals.

This includes distributing 63,000 liters of diesel fuel for electric generators in 11 hospitals to ensure uninterrupted medical services, providing life-saving medical supplies and medicines for patients with chronic diseases in 11 hospitals.

UMR has also opened a kitchen to serve 700 families near the Rafah border, and distributed 2,800 food baskets, 1,000 hot meals, and 600 cases of water to those in need.

Our efforts extend to northern Gaza, Khan Younis, and Dair Al Bala, reaching communities across the region.

UMR is part of a wide coalition delivering emergency aid to Gaza.
Click on the links below to read more about UMR’s work with partners in Gaza. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide life-saving aid during this extremely difficult time.
To learn more about our partnerships and long-term plan for Gaza, please click the Press Release link below.
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