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Qurbani Meat Distribution Rules

Qurbani Meat Distribution Rules

In honor of the ultimate sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was prepared to make on Mount Arafat, Muslims perform Qurbani. It is carried out annually during the Eid al-Adha festival.  The Prophet (SAW) said, 

“It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim (as). For every hair of the Qurbani you receive a reward from Allah (SWT).” – Tirmidhi

It involves the sacrifice of an animal like – a goat, sheep, cow, or camel. The meat is then distributed. There are certain rules regarding the Qurbani meat distribution. It is also an essential part of the festival. We will know the details in this blog about Qurbani meat distribution rules.

The Meaning of Qurbani Meat

Qurbani meat is the meat of the animal sacrificed and given out during Eid ul Adha. It includes various kinds of Eid ul Adha sacrifice rules. The distribution of Qurbani meat is restricted by a specific set of laws that must be followed once the animal has been sacrificed. 

There are not many rules of Qurbani mentioned in the Quran. But Prophet (SAW) has guided us in many ways regarding this. These guidelines included what kind of animals is suitable for Qurbani and how should the meat be distributed. And these guidelines should be strictly followed. 

Rules of Qurbani Meat Distribution 

There are certain Qurbani rules to follow when distributing Qurbani meat. Such as:

  1. All of the qualified receivers shall receive the meat equally and fairly, without any bias or discrimination.
  2. The meat should be fresh. It should be distributed as soon as possible after the sacrifice is made.
  3. If you store the meat to deliver somewhere distant, then handle them with proper care. To avoid spoiling, meat should be maintained at a reasonable temperature.
  4. According to Islamic principles, only those who qualify shall receive the meat.
  5. It is important to distribute the meat in a way that respects the recipients’ privacy and dignity.
Rules of Qurbani Meat Distribution

People slaughter many kinds of animals in Qurbani. Camel Qurbani, cow sacrifice, goat and sheep Qurbani are some of the most used animals in Eid al Adha. They should be sacrificed and distributed according to Islamic laws.

How Many Portions Should Be Divided

The most important Eid al Adha sacrifice rules of Qurbani meat distribution is that it must be divided into three equal portions. One-third for the Qurbani performer, one-third for your family and friends and one-third for the poor. Above all, you can donate your Qurbani meat to any people regardless of their religion. Allah (SWT) has ordered us to spread happiness and joy through Qurbani. More about the three portions is below:

  • One portion is for the Qurbani performer

During the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, a traditional animal sacrifice is done. The person who offers this is called the Qurbani performer. This person must keep one-third of the meat for themselves. This part can be eaten by the person who gets it, given as a gift to friends and family, or given to people who need it. It’s completely up to the performer’s choice.

  • One more for their family and friends

One-third of the Qurbani animal’s meat must be given to the Qurbani performer’s family and friends. It is a way of sharing the blessings of the sacrifice with loved ones. The meat can be cooked and shared with family and friends, or it can be given to them to do as they please.

  • Last for those who are poor and needy

The poor and needy must get the last third of the meat from the Qurbani animal. This is the most important rules of Qurbani mentioned in the Quran. Its goal is to make sure that the less fortunate people in the community also benefit from the festival. The meat is given to poor people as cooked meals or as raw meat so they can cook it themselves. In some cases, the meat is given to charities, which then give it to people who are in need.

How many shares are there in each animal?

Each kind of animal gets a different amount of shares. For goats and sheep, the whole animal must be purchased in order to offer it as Qurbani. Because each one has one share. A camel, bull, horse, or cow has seven shares. This means seven Muslims can each pay for the cost of this type of animal.

Many Muslims today choose to give their Qurbani to help people in need all over the world. This lets the Qurbani meat get to the place where it will do the most good.


Yes, non-Muslims can receive Qurbani meat. They can be your friend, neighbor or a needy person.

The Qurbani meat distribution rules should be maintained carefully. If you don’t, your Qurbani might not be accepted. Qurbani teaches Muslims the value of maintaining our religion and improving our ties to Allah (SWT). 

You can actively pursue your quest for rewards and blessings from the Creator by following in the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and offering Qurbani.

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