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Ramadan 2020

Every year Muslims around the world observe the holy month of Ramadan by fasting from sunrise to sunset. Unfortunately for hundreds of thousands of families, they will not get the chance to spend this spiritual time in a warm home with nutritious food to break their fast.

The number of people fleeing war, persecution and conflict exceeded 70 million globally last year – the highest number in the UN refugee agency’s almost 70 years of operations. – UN

Refugees and displaced people are the most vulnerable people on the planet, suffering daily without sufficient housing, access to medicine, doctors, food, or clean water. As the crisis worsens, more and more people are depending on humanitarian agencies like UMR to fill the gaps.

Each year during Ramadan, UMR delivers food packages filled with nutritious items such as beans, rice, flour, oil, canned goods, and more to reach people that have absolutely nothing. We have spoken with families begging for help, telling our field staff that without these resources, they will die.

Me and my children are fasting. What will we eat to break our fast? My children are begging me for food and water!

This Ramadan, these families desperately need your help. Please #PassThePlate to a child in need!

Where We Are Working

Lebanon Kenya
Jordan Somalia
Yemen Sudan
Palestine Pakistan
Bangladesh USA

What We Are Providing

Food Baskets

UMR delivers food packages containing items such as rice, flour, sugar, oil, beans, lentils, tomato paste, pasta, bread, and canned goods.

Water & Sanitation

In addition, we will be building water wells in Pakistan, Somalia and Kenya to ensure that some of the poorest communities are able to find clean drinking water, and prevent the spread of diseases.

Orphan Protection

Children are some of the most vulnerable among these already struggling communities. That is why UMR prioritizes the safety and well-being of children and orphans by providing them with healthcare, education, nutrition and a chance at a future.


Each year UMR hosts iftar dinners throughout the month of Ramadan. Last year we were able to serve thousands of people in Yemen and Gaza with warm, nutritious meals.

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Ramadan 2020

Although UMR provides food assistance through a variety of its programs throughout the year, we give special attention to cultural occasions like Ramadan and Qurbani celebrations to deliver dignified and culturally-sensitive nourishment options. Our Qurbani and Ramadan food programs do not only aim to alleviate poverty and malnourishment with access to nutritious food, but also works to overcome barriers to access and to social inclusion which are specific to refugees, the internally displaced, and marginalized communities.

Here are the updates so far…


May 14, 2020, UMR distributed 100 food parcels to the most vulnerable families in Hudaidah, Yemen. A UMR representative explained that, “people were crying from happiness.”💛 UMR has been working in Yemen for years. From building bakeries to supply people with free bread, to providing orphans with essential care, we are committed to improving the quality of life in Yemen. As we continue to receive donations, we plan on providing as many food packages to as many people as possible.


UMR has been working as quickly as possibly to deliver life-saving food aid in Lebanon.🙏🏼🙏🏼 Just last week, we distributed 211 in the Palestinian Badawi camp in Tripoli. In the next 3 days, distributions will take place in the poorest villages of Tripoli. As we know by now, the economic situation in Lebanon has pushed thousands of people into poverty. While we have begun to ease their suffering, there is a lot more to be done.


Along with our partners @all4jor UMR distributed 500 food parcels to the most vulnerable families in the country. This week, we will be distributing another 500 food packs in Jerash, Amman, Zarqa, Jordan Valley, Marka and Madaba.


UMR has delivered over 500 grocery bags of food to families in need across the U.S. Working with partners like the YMCA of Dallas, TX and Arlington, VA, and volunteers in Philadelphia, PA, recipients received food staples such as cooking oil, fresh bread, produce, pasta, sauce, canned veggies, and more.

Back to School

What Would Your Children Do IF THEY WERE NOT IN SCHOOL?

Whether it be due to poverty, war, or displacement, thousands of children in Jordan, Kenya, & Lebanon are unable to attend to school. What most people don’t realize is that when children are deprived of education, oftentimes they are forced into child labor or child marriage. The UN says 180,000 refugee children living in Lebanon are forgoing an education to work long hours for as little as $2/day.

Many children in the refugee camps lack even the most basic school supplies. Parents, having limited funds, are faced with a predicament- putting food on the table or supplying pencils to write with. Hunger, almost always, takes precedence.

UMR’s annual Back to School Campaign aims to reduce the chances that children are left out of schools.

How You Can Help

When the opportunity of education is taken away, usually the chance of a successful future disappears along with it. It is time that we start recognizing education as a right, not a privilege.

With your generous donations, UMR provides children in Jordan, Kenya, & Lebanon with a backpack filled with school supplies such as pencils, crayons, rulers, and erasers.

Give a child a chance to hope, learn, and dream. One backpack can bring a child closer to achieving their goals, regardless of where life has taken them.

Don’t let another child get left behind.


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