Breast Cancer Screenings

UMR partnered with the African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association (AWCAA) and has been participating in medical campaigns to spread awareness and provide medical care in Sudan.

Earlier last month, UMR sent a group of physicians to hospitals and medical clinics in Sudan to educate women about preventative care for breast cancer, treatments, and more. Additionally, during this workshop, the doctors offered screenings for anyone who wished to receive one.

Housing Project

UMR has successfully constructed 27 new shelters in Sudan!
A few months ago, a few areas in Sudan endured conflict that left many people without homes. UMR traveled to the affected towns to build shelters and rooms for families whose homes were destroyed.

Medical Shipments

UMR boasts a strong medical gifts-in-kind supply chain. We work with private medical providers to procure medical supplies ranging from disposables such as gloves, bandages, and prescription medications to equipment critical to the success of a healthcare institution such as x-ray and ultrasound machines. This is a critical tool for capacity building of hospitals as it frees up monetary resources to hire new doctors and reduce the cost burden on patients.

UMR has provided medical shipments containing life-saving medicine and supplies to Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Jordan and Lebanon, and continues to send containers to countries in need.

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