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As an international organization

UMR completes service missions all over the world providing much needed humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and recovery service to marginalized communities.

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We have previously sent volunteers to Bangladesh to assist at medical clinics for Rohingya refugees, Kenya and Jordan to complete hearing aid and cataract procedures, Yemen and Gaza to help with food distributions, and Lebanon to aid with non-food item distributions including backpacks for school children and winter kits for families, to list a few of our impactful trips.
While we have previously limited recruitment for our service missions in years past, we plan to open up our international service opportunities to a much wider audience and it all starts right here! The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed vulnerable populations around the world to the brink more than ever before and we need your help to provide these communities with much needed assistance.


As our slogan implies, we work best by expanding our community of volunteers because we are truly #BetterTogether and we hope you’ll join us in fulfilling our mission of sustainable development for today, tomorrow, and the years to come! We’ll try to provide as much information as possible in our FAQ below related to the details of our service missions, the requirements to partake, and the process to get involved:
And be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to view some uplifting photos of our previous international volunteer engagements. We hope they further motivate you to get involved and that you’ll be featured in them sooner rather than later!at one of our future service events and look forward to expanding the impact of our aid across the United States. It cannot be done without your help though as the impact of our work is always greatest because we are #BetterTogether. Join us!

International Mission FAQ's

Where will UMR be leading service missions?
We plan to start expanding our international service opportunities to Jordan and Kenya at first where we have offices located to support us as a logistics hub.
Will UMR be sending service missions to other countries you operate in?
We hope so eventually! But first we want to arrange service missions in countries where we have strong partnerships arranged and programs being implemented on the ground. It also helps that we have international offices in these two countries to support our volunteers who will be assisting us on the missions.
What types of projects will we be helping out with on these missions?

We will have a variety of different types of service missions you will be able to sign up to participate in. These will include but are not limited to:

    • Food Distributions
    • Non-Food Item Distributions (Winter Kits, Backpacks and School Supplies, Clothes, etc.)
    • Cataract & Hearing Aid Missions
    • Medical Mission Trips to Provide Preventive Healthcare
    • Child Protection and Education Programs
Do you have to be from a particular country to be able to volunteer?
Nope! Our volunteers can be from anywhere in the world, provided you are allowed to travel to the destination of our service mission. Make sure to check your country’s travel restrictions or any other limitations that might interfere with your ability to travel such as vaccinations, visa applications, and any other travel documents needed. UMR will not assist you in obtaining any necessary requirements to travel and is not responsible if you are barred from traveling due to lack of obtaining any requirements needed to travel.
I still have some unanswered questions and/or concerns, is there someone I can reach out to for more information?

Absolutely! Feel free to email our Volunteer Management Coordinator for assistance who would be happy to address any questions or concerns you may still have.

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