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When Do I Pay Zakat

When Do I Pay Zakat?

Zakat, or the giving of alms to those in need, is a central tenet of Islam and is considered a form of worship. It is mandatory for all Muslims who meet certain financial criteria to pay Zakat annually. In one of Prophet(Peace be upon him)’s hadith, it says,

“Whoever pays the zakat on his wealth will have its evil removed from him” 

Some people have a common question about when do I pay Zakat? Determining when to pay Zakat can sometimes be a source of confusion for those who are unfamiliar with the guidelines. In this blog, we will break down the principles and rules surrounding the payment of Zakat. The purpose of this blog is to help you understand when it is time for you to fulfill this important obligation.

The Origins of Zakat

Zakat and Salat (Prayer) share the same origin. Like Salat, the act of Zakat has always existed in the law of the previous prophets, as is evident from the Qur’an. Several verses in the Quran mention the imposition of Zakat on the earlier Prophets. In Surah Al-Anbiyaa [21:73], it says,

And We sent them inspiration to do good deeds and to be diligent in the Salat and pay Zakat.

At first, Zakat was a voluntary act. The Sahaba (RA) were told that they could pay Zakat to please Allah if they wanted to. Later, though, Zakat became a law, and Muslims who had more money than a certain amount were forced to pay it. 

Origins of Zakat

When do you Pay Zakat

The timing and frequency of Zakat payment are determined by Islamic law and tradition. According to the majority of Islamic scholars, in order to start paying your Zakat, you have to keep a few things in your head:

  1. You have to be an adult,
  2. You have to have Zakat eligible assets(Nisab),
  3. You have to possess the Nisab at least for one year.

You can also start counting the years since you first paid Zakat as the beginning of your Zakat anniversary.

It is important to note that Zakat on cash or assets that have increased in value over the past year and that meet the minimum threshold of Nisab, which is currently set at 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver should be paid on time. The amount of Zakat to be paid is 2.5% of the total value of the eligible assets.

Zakat during Ramadan

Many people have the mistaken belief that Zakat can only be paid during the holy month of Ramadan, which is incorrect. Ramadan is a holy month during which Muslims fast from dawn to sunset and read the Quran. Giving Zakat or charity during this time is an extremely honorable deed, and the giver will reap greater blessings as promised by Allah. That’s why many prefer to donate Zakat during Ramadan.

Can Zakat be Paid in Installments

The scholars agreed that the individual was required to pay his Zakat immediately. If he is able, he must pay his Zakat in one lump sum right away. But, in some cases, individuals may not have the full amount of Zakat to pay in one lump sum, but they can still fulfill their obligation by paying in installments over the course of the year. However, it’s important to note that the total amount paid must still meet the minimum required by Islamic law and should be paid within the same Islamic calendar year.


Paying Zakat properly on time is important for fulfilling religious obligations, purifying wealth, helping the needy, and promoting a spirit of generosity.

How To Donate Zakat Without Hassle?

There are many organizations and institutions that collect and distribute zakat, but few offer the level of transparency, accountability, and expertise that United Muslim Relief (UMR) does. At UMR, we believe that zakat should not only help those in need, but also empower them to break the cycle of poverty. 


That’s why we focus on sustainable development projects that address the root causes of poverty and promote self-sufficiency. Whether it’s building wells to provide clean water, establishing schools to provide education, or supporting small businesses to create jobs, UMR’s projects are designed to make a lasting impact.


Pay your zakat to UMR and be a part of a movement that is changing lives and building a better future for communities in need around the world. Your zakat will go directly to those who need it, with no deductions for administrative costs. Join us in our mission to help those in need and make a positive impact in the world. With UMR, you can be confident that your zakat is making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Donate Your Zakat

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Zakat can be given directly to eligible recipients, such as the poor, orphans, and those in debt. However, if you are unable to find eligible recipients of your Zakat, you can also pay to authorized organizations via online payment.

It is not mandatory but Zakat during Ramadan can bring much more blessing and reward.

Yes, but only if you are facing any difficulty. The ideal way is to pay the whole amount at once.

If you spend from your savings account and have no other Zakat-eligible assets, you are not required to pay Zakat for that year.


Therefore, the question “When do I pay Zakat?” has an answer. Once you become obligated to pay zakat, you can do so at any time within a year. However, many people choose to make the payment during Ramadan because good deeds performed during that holy month are rewarded more abundantly. 

Besides, you can keep track of when to pay your Zakat in different ways. Such as, check your assets weekly or monthly, plan ahead for your zakat and you can also use our Zakat Calculator. Pay your Zakat on time and bring yourself more close to Allah and strengthen your Imaa

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