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May 23, 2024

Families in Yemen need your help

Yemen need your help

May 23, 2024

Families in Yemen need your help

Yemen need your help

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has caused terrible suffering, making it the worst man-made humanitarian crisis today. Families in Yemen need your help, with 21.6 million people requiring urgent help. Every day, the situation is getting worse. Now, more than ever, the world must come together to provide life-saving aid to the people of Yemen before it’s too late.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can support Yemen relief efforts. By providing aid, you can help save the lives of Yemeni families. 

Your donations can make a big difference. Many organizations are working on the ground to deliver food, water, and medical supplies to Yemen. Even a small donation can provide life-saving support.

UMR is actively working to help Yemen. They provide emergency aid, including food and medical supplies in Yemen. Your Donation to UMR will go to a good cause, directly supporting their efforts to deliver life-saving assistance to Yemeni families.

Medical Supplies for Yemen

Families in Yemen need your help

Medical supplies are desperately needed in Yemen. Hospitals are struggling to treat patients due to a lack of equipment and medicine. Donating medical supplies can help doctors and nurses provide better care.

UMR has sent these vital medical shipments to many countries, including Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Jordan, and Lebanon. UMR partnered with private healthcare companies to provide disposable items like gloves, bandages, and medications, as well as essential equipment like X-ray and ultrasound machines. This helps hospitals save money to hire more doctors. It also makes healthcare more affordable for patients.

Be a part of saving lives. Donate today to UMR 

Yemen Food Crisis

Yemen is facing a severe food crisis.20.1 million people in yemen is suffering from a lack of food. The ongoing conflict and instability in the country have disrupted food supply chains, making it extremely difficult for families to access basic food items.

In response to this crisis, organizations like UMR have stepped in to provide much-needed support. UMR’s pass the plate program is providing food packages in Yemen. UMR delivers food packages to families in Yemen, containing essential items like rice, flour, sugar, oil, beans, lentils, tomato paste, bread, and canned goods. These food baskets provide a lifeline to families struggling with hunger and malnutrition.

Donate to UMR to pass the plate to those in need. 

Yemen Orphan Support

The conflict in Yemen has left many children orphaned and vulnerable. Most of these children have grown up experiencing trauma and lacking access to basic necessities like food, water, and healthcare.

To address the issue of malnutrition among children and mothers in Yemen, UMR and MedGlobal have partnered on an important project. This project will focus on supporting primary health services, including reproductive health and nutrition, at the Hais Hospital and surrounding areas.

Supporting the program you can provide orphans in yemen with food, shelter, and education. Your help can give these children a chance at a better future.

Support Yemen Relief Efforts

UMR is dedicated to providing Yemen with humanitarian aid. Supporting UMR ensures that aid reaches those who need it most. Whether it’s food, medical care, or shelter, your support can make a real impact. Donate to UMR to change lives.


Yemen is facing a severe humanitarian crisis, and the need for help is urgent. By coming together and supporting Yemen relief efforts, we can help save lives and bring hope to those who are suffering. Please consider Donating Today to make a difference in the lives of Yemeni families.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many people in Yemen need help?

Yemen is facing a severe humanitarian crisis. A shocking 21.6 million people, around two-thirds of the population, desperately need help. This makes Yemen one of the world’s worst humanitarian emergencies.

What is the biggest problem in Yemen?

The biggest problem in Yemen is the lack of access to food, water, and healthcare due to the ongoing conflict and economic crisis. To help people suffering in Yemen, you can donate to UMR, which provides vital aid such as food packages, medical supplies, and other essential support to affected families across Yemen.

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