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February 10, 2022

Imam Mental Health First Aid Workshop

February 10, 2022

Imam Mental Health First Aid Workshop

The recent terror attack in New Zealand at a mosque during Friday prayers sparked a discussion worldwide, highlighting the important leadership role Imams have in their communities.

To be a great crisis manager, understanding trauma and having the tools and resources to act on behalf of survivors is extremely important. The UMR Crisis Managers initiative gives Imams three core areas of training and discussion that will help Imams become Crisis Managers and help their communities heal after tragedies. This three part initiative includes a mental health first aid overview, active shooter training, and emergency preparedness:

  1. Mental Health First Aid
    This training of relief and response aid gives crisis managers an understanding of how mental health plays a part in healing from traumatic events.
  2. Active Shooter Training
    An updated training course on how to deal with an active shooter and what measures can be taken to save lives and get as many people to safety in this type of situation.
  3. Emergency Preparedness for Crisis Managers
    What would you do if a disaster or crisis comes to your community? This emergency preparedness training will provide the resources you need for many different types of disasters. It shows how a crisis manager works to play a role in helping respond to an emergency and helping communities heal.

Participants of the first Imam Mental Health First Aid Workshop received a certificate of completion and an opportunity to volunteer as a UMR crisis manager providing faith counseling or prayers for survivors of disasters in the United States.

Imams who complete this roundtable and training will be able to:

  • Volunteer as on-call crisis managers with UMR’s Emergency Response Program to
    help provide support to survivors of disasters in the United States.
  • Get certifications that can help keep their communities safe from active shooters, prepare for natural disasters, and provide resources for other traumatic events.
  • Be recognized as faith leaders at the forefront of relief efforts in the U.S. along with
    other faith based groups.

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