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September 13, 2023

Libya floods: The death toll is rising by the hour

September 13, 2023

Libya floods: The death toll is rising by the hour

A powerful storm has triggered devastating flooding in Libya. At least 5,200 people have lost their lives so far, with fears that the death toll will continue to rise.

Around ten thousand people are still missing, and the country is in a state of extreme emergency. The death toll is rising by the hour, as more information emerges.

At least 150 homes have been destroyed so far, leaving many families highly vulnerable.

The eastern cities of Benghazi, Sousse, Derna and Al-Marj have all been affected. There has been extensive damage to the infrastructure with roads and bridges destroyed. Schools and shops have been ordered to close.

The city of Derna is home to approximately 100,000 people – where reportedly two dams have collapsed, submerging much of the area. Over 1,500 Derna residents are feared to have died in the disaster, which has been described by Libyan government minister Hisham Chkiouat as, “like a tsunami” hit the area.

United Mission For Relief’s response:

UMR is closely monitoring the situation and will be partnering with local humanitarian organizations to deliver aid to affected communities.

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