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May 25, 2023

Meet Lukman: a UMR Success Story

May 25, 2023

Meet Lukman: a UMR Success Story

Meet Lukman: a UMR Success Story

Meet Lukman Hassan, a 2-year old boy from Wajir County, Kenya who was born with congenital glaucoma which, if left untreated, would eventually cause total blindness.

Lukman, born in a small village into a family of 8 siblings, had little access to the medical care he so desperately needed to treat his condition.

Lukman was first seen at Wajir County Referral Hospital in November 2022, and was eventually referred to Nairobi for specialized care. Unfortunately, his family lost their only source of income when their livestock died in the deadly droughts that plagued the Horn of Africa for more 4 years. Unable to pay Lukman’s medical bills, his treatment was put on hold.

Each day that passed his family lived in fear that his condition would deteriorate. Beginning to lose hope that Lukman would ever be treated, they felt they had reached a dead end – until UMR intervened.

When we caught wind of Lukman’s condition, Lukman was airlifted to Nairobi where he could seek the services of a consultant ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist. Upon evaluation, Lukman was immediately approved for surgery.

Just a few days later, Lukman was treated at Irdian Eye Center, with the fees completely taken care of by UMR. He is now fully recovered and should be able to live a full, happy life filled with opportunity.

We are so grateful to have gotten the chance to change Lukman’s life, but there are millions of other children out there just like him who need our help. It is part of our mission to reach as many vulnerable individuals and provide them with the healthcare they deserve.

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