February 10, 2022

Pakistan Child Protection

Pakistan is dubbed as one of the next eleven countries with ‘economic potential’, however with its ongoing political and security concerns, the country has seen a decline with almost a quarter of the population living under a $1 a day. Majority of whom are women and children. Millions of primary aged going children are dropping out of school, and do not have access to quality education and instead are being forced into child labour. Areas within South Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan are heavily populated with people living under the poverty line with very minimum access to basic essentials such as food, clean water and shelter. Pakistan has also been affected by ongoing climate changes with heavy floods and earthquakes destroying millions of homes and leaving many more displaced and living on the streets.

UMR’s child protection mechanism in Pakistan aimed to strengthen economic opportunities for children and their families. Through Child Protection Program UMR Provided Monthly Based Cash Assistance to the 100 Orphan Children and Families Helped them to have Access to the Basic Needs and Paved the Way for 8850 boys and girls to gain Education.  UMR, in partnerships with Takhleeq Foundation, contacted with local social leaders, local mosques, local school teacher, community leader and also the women councilors in Taluka Mirpur Sakro, Gharo and Dgabe jee of District Thatta as they are catalysts for community change in this area and know very well to address the needs of the children in their communities. All children are registered & selected based on objective criteria that establish their need and their ability to benefit from the program.

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