October 17, 2022

Pakistan Flood Crushed Over 30 Million People

Akib Shuvo

Pakistan has had a long history of floods throughout the years. But the recent flood disaster broke all records because the number and strength of the monsoon rains in 2022 caused the worst flooding the country has ever seen. It began in June 2022 and continued through August 2022, impacting a growing number of communities. 33 million people are affected by the floods and among them more than 1,600 have died and 184,000 have been relocated.

More than 1 million homes have been washed away by floods and landslides caused by heavy rain. Crops and animals have been destroyed, so people in Pakistan who have been hit by floods cannot get food, medical care, clothes, etc.

Pakistan’s Minister has termed this intense flooding as the most “unprecedented” and hazardous disaster in the history of Pakistan flooding. The Government of Pakistan has appealed for international support and is collaborating with UN and international agencies to deliver aid. 

Need for Immediate Action

The Pakistan Flood crisis requires immediate action. Millions of flood-affected individuals need basic staple food, nutritional supplements, hygienic drinking water, sanitation kits, medicines, temporary healthcare facilities, blankets, tarpaulins, and emergency shelters. 

Then, they will need psychosocial support to deal with the traumas of the natural disaster and the things that need to be done after the disaster, like rebuilding and preventing future disasters.

UMR’s Urgent Response

UMR responds to flood emergencies with food relief, hygiene kits, safe water, and rehabilitation action. The situation in Pakistan, unfortunately, only seems to be getting worse. In this circumstance, we need immediate support. Your donation could save a life. A minimum of $65 will provide flood relief for one family. 

Make Donation to Save Lives

People in Pakistan who have been hit by floods need our help more than ever right now. Make your contribution with UMR. You can make a real difference in the life of a family in need.

To support the cause, visit our donation page on the website at:  https://give.umrelief.org/give/425474/#!/donation/checkout

Let’s become each other’s strength and stand by the flood-affected people in Pakistan.

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