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February 13, 2022

Somalia Water Wells

Somalia Water Wells

February 13, 2022

Somalia Water Wells

Somalia Water Wells

The water crisis in Somalia is a significant problem. Only 45% of Somalis have access to water sources. Rest 75% of the population does not have access to adequate sanitation or hygiene practices. Somalia water wells are a much-needed project right now.

Impacts of Water Crisis

Water crisis leads to diseases such as cholera among women and children. This problem is especially prevalent in developing countries. In 2016, below-average rainfall and El Nino had a severe impact on livelihoods. It also affected the food and water systems, across the Horn of Africa. Because of insufficient water resources, many countries are currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis. Somalia is present among these listed countries.

Water Wells for Somalia

What a water well can do is transform a community. It can ensure that households always have access to clean water. 

This ensures the safety of their water for consumption. Also ensures hygiene practices including wudu, agriculture, and animal husbandry. This will allow them to spend less time each day collecting water. And more time learning, working and caring for their families. 

The future of the children will not be grim. They will be able to play, learn, and do all the things that a healthy young mind should. 

The availability of clean water can open a path out of poverty and into a better, brighter future for people.

Contributions of UMR

UMR WASH Project focuses on improving the availability of clean water and sanitation. It will benefit 2,500 vulnerable households located in IDP camps and host communities in the Gedo Region, Somalia. 

This program is going to be successful. It will involve the renovation of existing water sources. We will install water Purification systems. Supply of suitable hygiene facilities, which will include latrines will also be installed. Also, qualified hygiene promoters will carry seminars on hygiene promotion. This will help to encourage beneficial behavioral change.

At Last

Somalian women and children have to walk for miles to reach clean water. They have to go through dangerous locations for this. United Mission for Relief & Development is trying to help.

UMR is currently constructing water wells in distant regions of Somalia. To help the people of Somalia, we will continue our project.

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