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UMR Institute: Operates domestically and internationally as an institutional context for capacity building for organizations and local communities and serve as a nonprofit incubator that forms young leaders in the Nonprofit sector, charity, voluntarism, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship champions. In this context, UMR Institute will collaborate with its partners for external resources and training materials. Furthermore, UMR Institute will serve as a think tank for UMR by providing research and evidence-based rationale for UMR work by exploring the community needs and social investment potential and providing the feasibility and funding potential when needed, and also through being a monitoring and evaluation platform that tracks and measures the impact of UMR projects worldwide and provide post-implementation assessments and recommendations. The Institute will also help align UMR’s work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Psychosocial Support (PSS)

UMR seeks to provide a wraparound program for children and their families who are affected by conflict. Our Psycho-Social Support (PSS) and Child-Friendly Space initiatives give refugee women and children coping mechanisms to mitigate trauma while increasing critical thinking skills among children, especially younger ones, violence reduction among peers, and greater connectivity and comfort with their host community at large. The UMR Jordan PSS team supports children by listening to them, providing them with a safe space and atmosphere to express their feelings and work through the pain, consequently, transforming their negative emotions into something productive. The PSS project also emphasizes the importance of strengthening their social environment, which has a great effect on the beneficiaries’ psychological health and development on various levels; with the family, community, and the beneficiaries themselves.

The UMR Jordan PSS team has also adopted “We Love Reading”- an informal education curriculum designed for children who have experienced education disruption due to conflict. Refugees who do attend regular schooling are often victims of bullying which increases social isolation and can exacerbate mental trauma. “We Love Reading” is designed to teach young children literacy skills, introduce critical thinking through play therapy, and cultivate an early thirst for education that can carry forward when formal schooling options become available.

The program also provides awareness sessions, for topics such as sexual harassment, bullying, hygiene, emotional intelligence-EI, ethics, counseling, and psychotherapy sessions (PTSD, and Psychiatric Disturbance) in order to help them cope with their environment and society.

UMR Jordan initially:

  1. Assesses the social, financial, mental and physical health condition of a family; women and children (age 6-18), through house visits
  2. Studies and evaluates the situation of children and women according to their age, social, mental, and emotional needs, in addition to their social environment statuses, for the enrollment of UMR’s specialized PSS programs
  3. Builds up the entire program that properly fits their needs. It is usually divided into 4-6 awareness and counseling sessions and at least 12 sessions for psychotherapy

This is an ongoing program. Since its inception in 2016, 104 teenagers 13-18 years old, have attended the PSS activities designed to help them positively express their emotions, cultivate positive parent-child relations, find productive hobbies, and reduction of physical and emotional aggression towards themselves and others.

694 children between 5 and 12 years old attended PSS activities and been engaged in play therapy designed to help them express their feelings and build their self-esteem. They also discover appropriate behaviors when interfacing with parents, siblings, teachers, and elderly people to rebuild communal connections often lost to refugees.

UMR School

Through donor-led capacity development, UMR is dedicated to identifying and filling the gaps in education aid. Our goal is to increase the technical skills and expertise of our beneficiaries by delivering and administering education, both in the classroom and in the education ministry – a key part of a more systemic approach to improving education.
This low enrollment mainly attributes to the absence of access to education at all levels. In partnership with KELEM Education and Training Association, UMR successfully constructed a school with five classrooms, provided short term training for teachers, delivered scholastic materials to ensure effective teaching-learning processes, and conducted WASH training to teachers, staff and students. This school is the first of its kind in its community and supports more than 200 beneficiaries per year.
In 2016, our major education campaign was creating sustainable access to quality education facilities for drought-affected pastoralist school children in the Afar region of Ethiopia. The Afar region has one of the lowest education net enrollment ratios (NER) at 32%, far below the national average of 85%. More rural and remote Woredas within Afar have an even lower NER of 20% (Ministry of Education (MoE), 2011).

The existing poor access to education combined with the drought facing the pastoralist has severely affected the teaching learning activities. The existing poor access to education, combined with the drought facing the pastoralist, has severely affected the teaching-learning activities. Thousands of students are already out of school as they lack access to education. The majority of students have already dropped out of their school due to the effect of drought. Continued and unresolved lack of access to water has aggravated the problem. School-aged and enrolled female students are forced to miss class and drop out of school to fetch water from a very distant place. Sometimes the distance takes a whole day on foot travel for a round trip, profoundly affecting the participation of girls in education.

MENA Youth in Humanitarian Action

MENA Youth in Humanitarian Action is a coalition of nonprofit organizations active in the United Nations. Young people are chosen to participate through a rigorous application process and undergo a three-day training on what it means to engage with philanthropy. Post training, students carry out service projects either through a nonprofit organization or in their host community.

The MENA Youth in Humanitarian Action operates with the aim to:

  • Foster an inclusive and participatory space for young people
  • Link humanitarian action to emerging concepts like social innovation
  • Provide young people with an international platform to share their experiences with volunteerism

ESL Classes for Refugees and Immigrants

UMR partnered with the Muslim American Society DC to assist the newly arrived immigrant and refugee families to resettle in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. UMR provided a free educational service to new immigrants and refugees to assist them in attaining employment and live in dignity.

UMR conducted a 12-week course to provide English as a Second Language class and hosted regular assessments of student progress in achieving goals of English language proficiency. UMR also incorporated American cultural activities to help with resettlement, including social events and field trips. UMR conducted a workshop on job search, application, resume building, cover letter writing, interviewing, and hosted on a bi-annual basis job fairs that new immigrants and refugees can meet with potential employers.

Wehdat Disability Center

The primary objective of the Wehdat Disability Center is to train and rehabilitate male and female Palestinian refugee youth with disabilities in Amman, Jordan on a number of skills (self-care, cognitive, social, academic, vocational training) to integrate them into society and empower them to be able to support themselves in their daily life and also find some jobs. The Wehdat Disability Center serves 107 people and the waiting list has exceeded 330.

The mission of the Center is to foster independence and self-reliance for people with minor to moderate disabilities. Services provided for Al-Hajah’s clients include academic and vocational support to allow for economic integration into their host country of Jordan and workshops on development of social and life skills to increase self-sufficiency.

Applicants to the program undergo a rigorous process that includes an interview, home visit, and physical assessment. Based on assessment results, clients are presented with a work plan and curriculum tailored to their individual needs through wraparound service in: non-formal education, skills building workshops on self-sufficiency and self-care, physiotherapy, nursing. Meals, and transportation from the client’s home to site of service are also included. UMR will focus on vocational training, skills building workshops, and non-formal education.

Vocational workshops include: handcrafts, weaving, cleaning, and carpentry

Life skills workshops include: hygiene, setting a routine, cooking, and ironing

Indiana University Courses

UMR is providing 100 scholarships to students interested in becoming certified in philanthropic fundraising. UMR offers these courses in coordination with Indiana University School of Philanthropy and CMP.

The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy increases the understanding of philanthropy and improves its practice worldwide through critical inquiry, interdisciplinary research, teaching, training, and civic engagement. Their vision and goal are to make philanthropic studies recognized as an integrated field of study that develops positive and lasting change in the world.
“We were provided with the essential tools, encouragement, and valuable input to strengthen our efforts in making Yaqeen Institute self-sustaining… by the end, I was able to put together a plan that has proved to be fruitful.” – Huthaifa Shqeirat, Director of Development at the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, said after attending a course taught by the Center for Muslim Philanthropy (@CMP) at @IndianaUniversity.
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