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Türkiye, Syria Earthquake Emergency

Death toll surpasses 41,000 in Syria, Türkiye earthquake.
A man carries a child from a collapsed building in Hatay, Turkey. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit near Gaziantep, Turkey, in the early hours of Monday, followed by another 7.5-magnitude tremor just after midday.
Burak Kara/Getty Images
Both Syria and Türkiye have declared a state of emergency after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the two countries early Monday morning.
More than 41,000 people have died, over 70,000 people are injured and in desperate need of medical care, and some 64,000 buildings are completely destroyed, leaving millions of people without homes.
The death toll is expected to rise sharply as rescue workers continue to search for survivors in the rubble.
UMR is responding in the form of food baskets, winter care kits, emergency health kits for households, and Interagency Emergency Health Kits for hospitals and medical clinics.
To reiterate, in a disaster of this proportion, any donation will make a difference in the lives of individuals who lost everything.
In our first round on February 13, 2023, we provided emergency food kits and non-food items which are set to serve at least 1,000 beneficiaries. These distributions took place in Jandaris, Afrin, Atareb and Auran.
UMR has also secured medical and pharmaceutical supplies set to support 100,000 people that are being processed to be shipped to Turkey as soon as possible.
ürkiye Syria earthquake emergency
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