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January 19, 2022

UMR Joins Forces with Academia to Strengthen Projects in Gaza and Bangladesh

January 19, 2022

UMR Joins Forces with Academia to Strengthen Projects in Gaza and Bangladesh

Advancing Healthcare Projects: UMR and ATH Collaboration

UMR has partnered with the Access to Health (ATH) Project at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. This collaboration aims to advance UMR’s healthcare projects in Palestine and Bangladesh. ATH is a project that brings together graduate students and professors from law, business, medicine, and public health programs at Northwestern. 

The relationship will give ATH students a chance to learn about humanitarian work by doing it. The goal is to use academics and study to improve UMR’s efforts to help vulnerable people in these areas get access to health care.

UMR’s Health Care Efforts in Palestine

UMR has been actively involved in providing basic necessities to areas like Gaza in Palestine. It includes food, water, medical supplies, and more. Now, UMR is focusing on finding longer-term solutions to address the challenges posed by limited resources. 

One project involves assessing water access and exploring ways to ensure consistent access to clean drinking water for families in Gaza. Collaboration with the ATH team may include conducting needs assessments and reviewing the practices of other organizations to navigate restrictive import policies that hinder international aid delivery to Gaza.

Enhancing SRH Care for Rohingya Women in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, UMR aims to address healthcare access issues specifically faced by Rohingya women and girls, who constitute over half of the population in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. Many of these individuals are of reproductive age and require sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, such as pregnancy and delivery care, family planning, menstrual health, safe abortion, and STD prevention. Despite interventions by various organizations, there is a severe lack of clinical management for SRH care for girls and adolescents in the camps. Religious and cultural influences, along with limited access to services, contribute to their hesitance in seeking SRH care. UMR’s partnership with ATH seeks to address these issues by making SRH care accessible, providing health education, and raising awareness within the community.

Strengthening UMR’s Interventions: The Role of Northwestern University

This partnership will benefit Northwestern University students enrolled in the course, as they will have the opportunity to research, assess, and develop innovative approaches based on feedback from UMR. The insights gained through this collaboration will enhance UMR’s interventions and contribute to long-term improvements in healthcare access.

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