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July 19, 2023

Water well construction – Bangladesh

July 19, 2023

Water well construction – Bangladesh

UMR has taken a significant step towards addressing the clean water crisis in Sathkhira, Bangladesh by drilling 20 water wells in collaboration with local partners, government representatives, and community leaders. The project aimed to combat the lack of drinkable water caused by water salinity, which is a pressing issue in this disaster-prone area.

The project began by initiating discussions with the local government offices and the UNO office to express their intention of installing tube wells in the affected region. They received guidance on specific locations for the tube wells and were directed to work with local government representatives to identify the beneficiaries based on their own socio-economic vulnerability criteria. The project, in collaboration with community leaders and government representatives, finalized the selection of beneficiaries who would benefit from the clean water project.

During the project finalization process, the project actively engaged in social mobilization and community meetings to ensure the involvement and support of the local population. The UNO office provided valuable guidance on selecting the villages where tube wells should be installed. Through effective communication with local government representatives, including Chairmen and Members, the project successfully completed the beneficiary selection process.

To ensure the safety and quality of the provided water, the project collected water samples and sent them to a regional water testing laboratory. The installation of hand pumps from a safe water source was a vital component of the project. The project followed the recommended minimum depth of 700 ft, as specified by the Department of Public Health and Engineering, to guarantee the availability of clean and potable water for drinking and other household purposes.

UMR’s efforts in addressing the clean water crisis in Sathkhira, Bangladesh, demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of coastal residents. Through this project, UMR aimed to alleviate the burden of water scarcity, improve health conditions, and contribute to poverty reduction in the region.

UMR’s clean water project in Sathkhira, Bangladesh, will benefit approximately 46,500 individuals spread across 20 different villages. The number of beneficiaries per village ranges from 30 to 50 families, encompassing individuals of various ages and backgrounds. The selected villages include Baliadaha, Bolorampur, Dolonda, Baruipara, Corgram, Foleya, Katikhali, Moksudpur, Kadikati, and others. By providing these individuals with access to safe and clean drinking water, UMR aims to significantly improve their quality of life and contribute to the well-being of the coastal communities.

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