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February 10, 2022

A Winter Like Never Before

A Winter Like Never Before

February 10, 2022

A Winter Like Never Before

A Winter Like Never Before

Millions of vulnerable people around the world are facing immense hardship. The need for immediate help is critical for displaced Syrians in refugee camps. Besides, Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, the United States, Bangladesh, and Egypt also need urgent help.

In January 2022, a relentless snowstorm swept across Syria and its neighboring countries. It left millions of displaced Syrians in dire straits. Among those affected, Mohammed al-Jasser, a Syrian refugee, shared the harsh reality of their plight in a refugee camp.

Mohammed al-Jasser, a Syrian refugee was stating their misery in the refugee camp. They need foodstuffs, heating items and medical care. They are suffering from harsh winters. He was describing how powerless and hopeless they are feeling during this winter without any necessary aid. – News by Aljazeera.

This year’s winter is a winter like never before about the suffering and misery of people.

Sufferings of This Winter

We understand that this winter is going to be difficult for everybody. The challenges posed by COVID-19 are immense. There is also the struggle of maintaining a healthy balance between work and family. Life can be overwhelming among them. At UMR, we face those challenges as well. But what keeps us going is knowing that our work can impact the lives of people around the world. People who don’t have access to basic necessities.

When COVID-19 swept the world, no one could have predicted the immense devastation it would cause. Millions of people all across the world are now unemployed, with no hope in sight. Now, as winter approaches, these vulnerable communities are facing a new list of fears. 

Such as, 

how will I protect myself from the cold? Can I afford to feed my children? Will my family survive this winter?

Life in the Cold 

Thousands are forced “to sleep under trees, to shelter in abandoned or unfinished buildings,” according to the UNHCR. “Families are resorting to burning rubbish to try and keep warm, and shield their children from hypothermia.”

life of Refugees in cold

Palestinian and Syrian Refugees — Jordan

  • For so many refugees, this will be their 10th winter in exile.
    • Without a place to call home, they reside in makeshift homes or refugee camps. Neither of which offer proper protection from harsh winter weather.
  • Before the pandemic, finding work as a refugee was already a struggle. Now with so many businesses closed, the majority are unable to find consistent work. They have no way to afford coats, blankets, heaters, or any other winter essentials.

Gaza, Palestine 

  • The people in Gaza face harsh winters each year, consisting of subzero temperatures, freezing rain, and snow.
  • With~75% of the entire population living in poverty. This means that millions of people are at risk of not making it through the winter.

“Last year, three children died after they froze inside their homes which lack even primitive warming equipment due to severe lack of gas, fuel and electricity.”


  • In the fall of 2019, Lebanon’s economy collapsed. The cost of everyday essentials skyrocketed and hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs, their homes, and their only source of income.
  • Now, ~850,000 individuals live below the poverty line
  • Meaning they are trying to live on less than $14.00 per day
  • Then, just when the country thought it couldn’t get any worse, there was a massive explosion in Beirut in early August 2020
  • This explosion destroyed more than  300,000 homes
  • Leaving entire families to live on the streets or in broken homes, with absolutely no protection from heavy rain, snow, or freezing temperatures.
  • Now as winter approaches, these families will have no protection from freezing temperatures, rain, hail, snow, etc.
underprivileged people Life in the Cold


  • UMR has been intervening in Yemen for years, providing life-saving food aid as well as medical care. Because of our experience in this country, we also know that winter is an incredibly difficult season for Yemenis.
  • Disease, malnutrition, starvation, and lack of adequate shelter in conjunction with COVID-19 and harsh weather pose very severe threats to individuals in Yemen.
  • Without humanitarian intervention, many Yemenis might not survive the winter.


  • Due to the pandemic that continues to tear through America, approximately 12.6 million people in the U.S. are unemployed.
  • Unfortunately, children are often at the forefront of poverty in the United States
  • The U.S. is known for very harsh winters; below-freezing temperatures, hail, snow, sleet, and more.
  • Without adequate protection from this weather, millions of children across this country are at risk this winter.
  • We mustn’t let another child go to sleep freezing this winter.

Rohingya Refugees, Bangladesh 

  • More than 900,000 Rohingya refugees live in camps south of Cox’s Bazar in Southeast Bangladesh in the world’s largest refugee settlement
  • These camps are barren, with most people living in makeshift huts without consistent access to food, water, medical care, blankets, heaters, etc.
  • ~1/2 of this refugee population are children suffering from malnutrition and other diseases, making them extremely vulnerable to the cold weather.


  • Before the pandemic, Egypt was still recovering from extreme economic turmoil
  • Then, COVID-19 caused the economy to crash once again.
  • 32.5% of the Egyptian population lives in extreme poverty – about 1/3 of the entire population
  • Finding work is nearly impossible during these difficult times and families are wondering how they will be able to keep warm, feed their children, and afford to pay rent.

UMR Interventions

Our mission is to provide immediate relief for vulnerable communities. They are suffering from malnutrition, disease, poverty, and more. Unfortunately, the number of people in need of intervention is higher than it has ever been.

Right now, the world is united like never before. As we all are experiencing the painful effects of this global pandemic. UMR is asking that we come together this winter to help those who have been hit the hardest by this pandemic.

Winter Kits 2020 

By supporting UMR’s Winter Kits initiative to help families survive, you will guarantee families will receive:

  • Food Packs
  • Blankets
  • Winter Jackets
  • Fuel Powered Heaters
  • Fuel Vouchers

We are facing a winter like never before. UMR is calling for help from all over the world. Let’s make this winter a little bit warm for the unfortunate people around the world.

A Call for Your Compassionate Support

UMR is working to provide critical help through initiatives such as Winter Kits 2020. These kits contain essential things such as food packs, blankets, winter jackets, fuel-powered heaters, and fuel vouchers. These items provide a lifeline to those in desperate need.

As we confront the harsh realities of this winter, it is crucial to recognize the power of collective action. This is a call to help the less fortunate. By supporting UMR, you can bring warmth, comfort, and hope to those facing unimaginable challenges.

Let’s come together in the spirit of compassion and solidarity to make this winter a season of generosity. Your support, whether through donations, volunteer work, or raising awareness, can make a significant difference in alleviating the suffering of vulnerable communities. Join the global effort to extend a helping hand. Together, we can make this winter a little warmer for those facing the harshest conditions.

underprivileged child

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