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June 18, 2023

Can We Give Money Instead of Qurbani

Can We Give Money Instead of Qurbani

June 18, 2023

Can We Give Money Instead of Qurbani

Can We Give Money Instead of Qurbani

In Islamic tradition, Qurbani, also known as Eid al-Adha, is of utmost importance. It honors the account of Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to offer his son as a sacrifice to God. Muslims throughout the world carry out the Qurbani rite on this holy day by slaughtering an animal and giving the flesh to the poor.

There is a common question can we give money instead of Qurbani? This blog looks at the different points of view on this topic as well as the spiritual and practical problems that come up when deciding to do monetary Qurbani.

Understanding the Essence of Qurbani 

Qurbani celebrates the life of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), who had unwavering faith and did what Allah told him to do. Allah told the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail (AS). Prophet Ibrahim (AS) loved his son very much, but he was also very willing to go along with Allah’s order and make the sacrifice. Allah was touched by his faith, so He swapped Ismail (AS) with a ram and saved his life.

This act of sacrifice showed how much Prophet Ibrahim (AS) trusted Allah. This story gives Muslims a great example to follow. It means being willing to let go of ties in order to please.

Qurbani is based on the ideas of gratitude, kindness, and compassion. Muslims sacrifice an animal on this holy day to thank Allah. It reminds us to be kind to others and help those who need it. 

The Permissibility of Monetary Qurbani

Monetary Qurbani means giving money instead of sacrificing an animal. Is it permissible in Islam?

The answer is No. You can not donate money instead of Qurbani. Because it is not a charity. The act of slaughtering animals in the name of Allah during Eid-ul-Adha is obligatory for able-bodied Muslims. According to Muslim academics, the Qurbani is both an emphasized prophetic practice and a requirement. The act of animal sacrifice cannot be replaced by any other action. It is a religious duty that must be fulfilled in kind rather than only by giving money. Allah says in Quran,

“So pray to your Lord and offer sacrifice [animals] to Him alone.” – Qur’an 108:2

The proper way to perform Qurbani is to either sacrifice the suitable animal oneself, or designate a friend, family member, or reliable organization to do it for you on the days of  Eid-Ul-Adha. 

The Importance of Intention and Spiritual Connection 

The importance of intention and spiritual connection in Qurbani can not be ignored. Although the act of offering an animal has significance, what matters most are the motive and inner dedication. The goal should be to seek Allah’s delight and be based on honest obedience to Him. 

In order to fully comprehend the significance of the sacrifice and to cultivate feelings of appreciation, submission, and compassion, it is essential to have a strong spiritual connection. Qurbani’s spiritual worth is increased when performed with honest intentions and a desire to follow Islamic principles.

Giving Prophetic Qurbani

Few people are aware that the Prophet (saw) offered Qurbani on behalf of himself and another sacrifice on behalf of those members of his Ummah who were unable to do so on the day of Eid al-Adha. We refer to this additional offering as the Prophetic Qurbani. You can not give money to the poor instead of Qurbani.

It is recommended for those who can do so to adhere to the Sunnah and offer both their own sacrifice and the Prophetic Qurbani. Every year, Muhammad (saw) used to offer the sacrifice of two animals, one for himself and his family and the other for his Ummah.

If Any Muslim wants along with his own Qurbani, he/she can donate extra money to organizations that distribute Qurbani meat to the poor.  The Qurbani cost varies from time to time. You have to first detect the market price for animals of the current year and then make a donation according to it. That’s how one can give money but not instead of Qurbani. You can give money along with your Qurbani.

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