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February 13, 2022

Jasmine Project

Jasmine Project

February 13, 2022

Jasmine Project

Jasmine Project

6.6 million people have had to flee from the civil war in Syria— almost half of them being women and children. Every part of their lives has changed a lot, but their roles in the community have changed the most. UMR has launched the “Jasmine Project” to empower these women.

As refugees, women have to serve as the main breadwinners and caretakers. They support themselves and their families without community support. 

The majority of Syrian women in Jordan have skills in many things. Such as – handicrafts, clothes, school uniforms, soaps, and cosmetic creation and recycling.

Story of Fatima

Fatima* sought refuge in Jordan with her family in 2020. She tried looking for job opportunities. But unfortunately could not join the market due to government restrictions.

Story of Fatima

UMR has sensitized its network with the private sector, youth, and social entrepreneurs. All of us should work together to solve the social and economic problems that young women in Jordan face. UMR’s Jasmine Program empowers women financially through skills and business training. 

UMR aims to teach women how to turn their abilities into marketable skills. This will allow them to survive and prosper. Fatima joined UMR’s Jasmine Project and is now the breadwinner of her family. She is the team leader for the project. She makes enough money each month to support her family. Besides, she helps other women like her.

Direct Impact

225 women will directly benefit from the Jasmine Project, aged 18-50. 80% of them are Syrians, and 20% are Jordanians from Amman.

Indirect Impact

1,125 family members of this project will benefit indirectly. Another 10,000 private and business Jasmine customers will also benefit.

In Future

Jasmine’s future goal is to build its participants’ capacity and accredit its courses. UMR also plans to teach them practical entrepreneurial skills to develop a website. Teach them e-marketing, and visit some international exhibitions so that they can promote Jasmine’s activities as a women-led company.

Jasmine’s training is not limited to community women. But also targets the youth in universities and schools during summer break. The goal is to teach them professional crafts and handicrafts.

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